Why Our Family Loves Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party

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Why Our Family Loves Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party

Why Our Family Loves Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party

It’s time to celebrate the season!  The Christmas season!  It’s a magical time of year, and what better way to experience some Christmas Magic than at Disney’s Magic Kingdom!  We LOVE Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party…and here’s why!

Here are 10 Reasons Why My Family Loves Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party:

Cinderella’s Castle Turns Into a Glimmering Ice Palace for the Holidays

Queen Elsa uses her powers to transform Cinderella Castle into a glistening ice palace at 6:15 pm. Kristoff and Olaf even show up to watch the magic happen! Want a sneak peek? Check out my video on Instagram that includes a part of the transformation here.

Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmastime Parade

No one does a parade quite like Disney. You will get to watch your favorite Disney characters dance down the streets of the Magic Kingdom to your favorite Christmas music. Not to mention Santa is there, he wishes you a “Merry Christmas!” from his colorful sleigh!

Why Our Family Loves Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party

Christmas Fireworks Show

Holiday Wishes: Celebrate the Spirit of the Season is a fireworks show that compares to no other. Brilliant white lights explode in the air above Cinderella Castle in this breathtaking music and fireworks show. Watch for Tinker Bell as she soars into the sky over the crowds! And cheer as Jiminy Cricket reminds you that home is where the heart is—especially during the holidays.

Totally Tomorrowland Christmas

Get ready to rock with Buzz Lightyear, Mike Wazowski, and Stitch! Stitch is on a special mission to track down Santa. But will this adorable alien be naughty or nice to Saint Nick? You’ll have to come and see for yourself 🙂

Celebrate the Season Show

‘Tis the season to give gifts, and Mickey’s present to Minnie is not to be missed! Goofy, Donald, and others get into the holiday spirit with their own version of The Nutcracker in this jubilant musical spectacle.

Why Our Family Loves Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party


Of course, it does! You may be in Florida where the temps are not freezing, but you will experience a magical snowfall on Main Street, U.S.A.

Meet Your Favorite Characters

There are opportunities throughout the park for pictures and autographs with some magical Disney Characters

FREE Holiday Snacks

You can enjoy cookies, hot cocoa, apples, and apple juice all over the park…as much as you want!

Why Our Family Loves Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party

The Lines…or lack there of

Since this is a special event and the number of tickets sold is limited, there aren’t as many people in the park as usual. That means the wait for your favorite rides is less! That means you get to ride more rides 🙂

Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party

Memories Are Made

We have been attending this magical Christmas event for YEARS (the picture above is from our visit back in 2009).  We love taking the kids and watching their eyes just light up at the magic that can be found in every corner of the park.  These are memories that will be in our hearts forever.  These memories are priceless.

Why Our Family Loves Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party

Disclosure: While my family and I were able to attend this Magical Event for free, all opinions and our love of Disney are 100% our own.

Here are the details you need to plan your Magical Christmas Adventure:

When is Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party?

It is held from 7:00 PM to 12:00 AM at Magic Kingdom park on select dates.

How much are tickets to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party?

  • Prices start at $105, you can buy them online or by calling 1-407-W-DISNEY

*Dates do tend to sell out, so be sure to check your calendar and make your plans sooner than later!

Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party

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53 thoughts on “Why Our Family Loves Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party

  1. I can understand why your family so enjoys this. Just fireworks and a parade would be great but snow and snacks. What fun.

    1. i want to go there and enjoy christmas i wish you had a giveaway on this.please have a giveaway to walt disney world.

  2. Oh this sounds and looks like so much fun. I would love to take my grandchildren to something like this. They would have such a great time.

  3. I love Disneyland, so that looks like so much fun! I didn’t even know they had anything like that. I wonder if the Disneyland in CA offers it also?

  4. Thanks for sharing looks like you all had fun together, Going to see mickey is alot of fun and makes the best memories. i am so glad that you shared this with us.

  5. We live near Disneyland and have been spoiled by that over the years. Sadly, it has gotten so expensive…we can rarely go there any more.

  6. It look’s and sounds amazing I’ve got to take my kids next Christmas I never thought to take them during the holiday season.Thank you for sharing this

  7. I’ve been to Disney in the fall, and thought it was great. However, Christmas looks like THE time to be there. Gorgeous!

  8. Looks like ya’ll had a wonderful time! We went 3 years ago and it was…magical. I love Disney World and Christmas at Disney is amazing. Thanks for reminding me of all the fun.

  9. Oh that looks like so much fun!! I love that only so many tickets are sold too, so the rides wont have as many in line! Would be so fun for Christmas!

  10. I have never been to a Disney park during the holidays, but your article on how the castle changes and how the temperatures are a lot warmer in Florida do make me wish I could go , I bet the parade at night with all the sparkling Christmas lights is beautiful and hopefully everyone is in a good cheerful mood and not rushing and pushing (my last experience at Disneyland was horrible except for the grandchildren who loved the park, thank you for sharing

  11. I grew up on Mickey Mouse and the clubhouse and so did my daughter and grandson. Now my two and a half year old great grand daughter loves to watch Mickey and do the Hot Dog dance. I would give anything to be able to take her to see Mickey at Christmas but not in the budget. Thanks for sharing this wonderful story.

  12. I am 41 and never been to Disney. I even have a Mickey Mouse tattoo!! ? One day soon I would love to go and take my boys.

  13. I would absolutely love to go to this but $74 a person to a single parent with four kids might as well be 1 million dollars. Guess I will just have to enjoy everyone’s videos. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Way back in the day, I took my teenagers to Disneyland the week between Christmas and New Year’s. If you can imagine Disney being any more magical than it already is, visit during this week!

  15. Wow!! This sounds like so much fun! I would love to be able to go to this one day with my husband.. I know we both would enjoy it so much because even though we are “older” we are still kids at heart. Maybe one day even take the grandkids!! Thank you for sharing your experience. I never even knew about this “party” and I live in Florida!!

  16. We are planning our Disney trip next year and I knew I wanted to go during this party just to see the parade but I didn’t know about the lines being shorter. Another reason to get tickets for us. 🙂

  17. I love fireworks and the castle looks beautiful all lit up. I’ve never been, but would go for the light show alone.

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