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How to Freeze Blueberries

This article was originally published on Noble Citrus, but I knew you all would love it too, so here is how to freeze blueberries so you can enjoy in-season berries all year long. Florida blueberry season starts in March and ends in May. That means we are officially at the end of Florida blueberry season…that Read more…

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When Are Tangerines In Season?

Curious when tangerines are in season? Find out when tangerines are in season and which tangerines are the sweetest. While this post is sponsored by Noble Citrus, all opinions and my love for tangerines are my own. When Are Tangerines In Season? We all love tangerines. Tangerines are sweet, delicious, and as an added bonus, Read more…

We could all use a little more sunshine in our lives, and that’s exactly what I bring you here! What does sunshine mean to you? For some people, it makes them think of summer, weekend getaways, vacation and relaxation, travel and heading to the beach. Others think of a big yellow giant in the sky that brings heat, light, and energy to our planet. Without the sun, eventually life on Earth would die out. So in the scientific sense, sunshine is life! Sunshine is also a phrase people think of for positivity and happiness.

Think about the song “You Are My Sunshine.” The entire song is about how someone you love can brighten your whole day. When I think of sunshine, sure, I think of all those activities that involve being outside, but I also think of happiness, feeling good, parenting, eating amazing meals, having a glass of wine and enjoying life with our families to the fullest. This page is filled with those feel good stories, parenting tips and more that will brighten your day.

From health and wellness advice to parenting tips and more, I’ll give you ideas for finding more happiness, joy, hope and sunshine. Ask yourself – how can I bring more sunshine into my life? It’s one of those fundamental questions that when you really think about it, can shift your thinking towards looking for reasons to be grateful and more reasons to be happy. I don’t know about you, but that certainly sounds like a much brighter way to live.

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