One Of The Best Streaming Workouts

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Working out at home just got a whole lot better! Find out why Jazzercise is One Of The Best Streaming Workouts. Today’s post is brought to you by Colleen Pedersen, Lutz Jazzercise Owner.

One Of The Best Streaming Workouts

One Of The Best Streaming Workouts

We all know that exercise is an important part of staying healthy. It increases your metabolism, helps aid in weight loss, improves cardiovascular fitness and let’s face it, can be a form of therapy to reset and recharge to tackle life’s greatest obstacles. But we all know that going to the gym has changed dramatically. More people are working from home and find it hard to make it a part of their regular schedule, while others still have reservations about attending a gym or fitness class in person.

The fitness industry took a big hit during COVID. 17% of clubs closed permanently and 44% of the fitness industry workforce lost jobs according to iHRSA, the Global Health & Fitness Association. However, Jazzercise took the pandemic as an opportunity to give consumers another option, live stream workouts. Within just two weeks of the country going on lockdown, Jazzercise Lutz had seized the opportunity to continue to keep its customers engaged and moving even though the business thrives on in person group exercise classes.

Instructors would either come into the studio alone with a camera and their music to live stream a class or they would mimic it from home. In either situation, customers were able to continue the workout they fell in love with while keeping active during one of the most challenging times in history. Learning to teach to a camera was a little challenging at first but with time and knowing who was online taking the class, a whole new way of communication was born!

Streaming Workouts

What do you want to look for with a fitness streaming program? Convenient class times where you can workout before/after work or during the day when the kids are in school. You want a variety of class formats with Aerobic activity, strength building, stretching, kick boxing, Core classes, etc. You want to choose a program where you feel the cost and quality of the service is a value. Another Key point is music that you enjoy and an instructor with a personality that motivates you.

After three months of relearning how to service our customers, we were able to allow people in person in limited quantities. Some chose to come in person, and some continued to remain at home. While Jazzercise corporate had plans to add the online class option in the future, the pandemic just pushed the timeline up a few years. “We are family at Jazzercise, so we felt the need to take care of our family at a time they needed us the most” said co-owner of Jazzercise Lutz, Colleen Pedersen. “There was never a hesitation from any of us that this was the direction we needed to go”.

Jazzercise Streaming Workouts

Now, almost 2 years later, the live stream option is here to stay. All 47 classes a week at the Jazzercise Premier Fitness Center in Lutz, are live streamed while being taught in person. “There’s no limit to how many people we can have attend online nor is there a location barrier” said Deb Goldman, co-owner of Jazzercise Lutz. “We even have a customer in Germany that dances with us weekly. How cool is that”?

It’s apparent that online classes are the wave of the future for the fitness industry. Time, convenience, and the ability to exercise from anywhere make it another choice to stay active and healthy! Join Lutz Jazzercise live streaming for $22 for your fist month, same price for streaming or in-studio whichever is more convenient.

I have actually been doing the live-streaming classes for a few months now and I love them! I move my office chair and get my workout on and then get back to work. It’s fantastic!

Looking to join Jazzercise?  You can check out all the locations here.

Streaming Workouts at Home

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