When Are Tangerines In Season?

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Curious when tangerines are in season? Find out when tangerines are in season and which tangerines are the sweetest. While this post is sponsored by Noble Citrus, all opinions and my love for tangerines are my own.

When Are Tangerines In Season

When Are Tangerines In Season?

We all love tangerines. Tangerines are sweet, delicious, and as an added bonus, they are a fruit…that means they are good for us too. SCORE!

Tangerines are excellent snacks, they are yummy in breakfast, they are fantastic additions to smoothies, toss em on top of pizza, wanna make a mean cocktail – use tangerines!

So, how come if you go to the store right now, in June, when it’s hot and humid out and you would just LOVE a sweet and juicy (and nutritious) snack, you can’t find tangerines?

Well, because tangerines aren’t in season over the summer. Bummer, I know….

When Are Florida Tangerines In Season

When are tangerines in season?

Tangerines are grow here in the United States typically late Fall to early Spring.

When Are US Tangerines In Season

When are Florida tangerines in season?

You can find fresh tangerines grown in Florida from September to April.

Tangerine Season

When is the peak season for tangerines?

The peak season for tangerines is usually October to January.

Florida Tangerine Season

There are a variety of tangerines, are they all available at the same time?

You will find all US grown tangerines in your favorite retailer from late Fall to early Spring.

US Tangerine Season

Which tangerine is the sweetest?

The sweetest, and one of my absolute favorite tangerines, is the Noble Juicy Crunch tangerine.

When are Juicy Crunch Tangerines in season?

Juicy Crunch tangerines are only in season for about 60 days. SO, mark your calendars RIGHT NOW for late December – February. I know, that’s prime holiday time, so just remember that one of your gifts every year is Juicy Crunch tangerines ๐Ÿ˜‰

when can you buy tangerines

Why are Juicy Crunch tangerines one of my favorite tangerines? Oh, let me count the ways!

  • They are sweet – I mean, the sweetest. They have a brix level of up to 17! HOLY SWEETNESS BATMAN! Are you familiar with what brix is? Its’ okay if you aren’t…I just learned myself not too long ago. The brix gives you an idea of how sweet the fruit is, so the higher the brix, the more sweet the fruit is. As sweet as it tastes, its sweetness comes from natural vs. added sugar. Overall eating natural sugars along with the essential nutrients found in fruits helps to keep you healthy…thank you Juicy Crunch!
  • They are easy to peel.
  • They are JUICY. Yet, somehow they make no mess on your hands. That’s a mom-win right there my friends. No messy hands from the kids while they are running around the house, and no sticky hands for you while you are managing a snack and driving around town running errands.

Yes, they are that good.

So, when are tangerines in season? Tangerines are in season late Fall to early Spring with a peak season around October to late January.

But, when the sweetest tangerines in season? Well, you will find Juicy Crunch in stores from late December to February. Did you mark your calendars yet? DO IT! Now….Yes, I’m patiently waiting for you to grab your phone and make a note that Juicy Crunch tangerines are in season around Christmas-time to around Valentine’s Day. That way you can celebrate all your favorite holidays with your favorite tangerine ๐Ÿ˜‰

Why am I telling you now all about when tangerine season is and which tangerines are the sweetest…well, it’s Juicy Crunch’s Half Birthday!

And what better way to celebrate than to get ready for it to be in season!


Curious on how Noble Citrus cultivated the juiciest and sweetest of all tangerines? Read more about the 40 year labor of love here. Yes, you read that right…it took Noble Citrus and the Roe family 40 YEARS to perfect the Juicy Crunch tangerine.

Learn more about Juicy Crunch online and be sure to follow on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to stay up to date with all things Noble Tangerines.


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