Exploring Paris: Free Things to Do, Virtual Tours, and Must-Visit Attractions

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Explore the top free things to do in Paris, including virtual tours of iconic landmarks like the Louvre, Eiffel Tower, and Notre Dame. Discover must-visit sites in Paris and immerse yourself in the city’s culture and history.

Travel to Paris

Paris is one of the most sought after cities in the world to tour and sight-see. For your next vacation, whether you travel to Paris by plane or on your computer these are some of the top places to explore. Use the virtual tours to help plan your trip to Paris as well.

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Virtual Tours of Paris From Home


The Musee Du Louvre is probably the most famous museum in a city full of all kinds of museums. As such no visit to Paris, virtual or otherwise, would ever be complete without stopping by to take in the environment there. Besides the museum itself, there are several art exhibits that make excellent highlights on your trip. You can take virtual tours of many of these exhibits from home and see some fantastic pieces interpreting the movement of dance, or exploring the history of mythology, not to mention a collection of Egyptian antiquities.


The Catacombs of Paris are a more macabre destination, but nonetheless, it intrigues many travelers interested in the history of Paris’ underground. If you visit the city, you should take one of the tours that are usually offered. However, since they are suspended, for the time being, the best way to explore these subterranean galleries is virtual.

Eiffel Tower

If you want to experience Paris from home, the best way might just be a virtual tour of the Eiffel Tower. You will want to see plenty of views of the tower as well as from it. There are lots of videos on the Eiffel Tower because it is such a worldwide attraction for everyone who plans to travel to Paris, but this 360 video lets you explore any angle from various positions both day and night. You’ll get a good sense of what it’s like on the observation decks and in the elevator as well as the surrounding views.

Les Invalides

The tallest church in Paris, the tomb of Napoleon, and France’s premier military museum are only a few of the sites to discover at the Invalides complex in Paris. It’s a stop you must make while in the city, but you can also experience these museums and monuments virtually.

Musee d’ Orsay

Another great Parisian museum Musee d’ Orsay is an impressive collection of impressionist and post-impressionist French paintings. Located in a former train station on the Seine, the Musee d’Orsay is a unique museum to tour whether virtually or in person. Get a glimpse of the spacious gallery and the many pieces of art on display at this museum which focuses almost exclusively on French art from the mid-1800s to 1914.

Notre Dame

This historic Paris landmark the perfect target for a virtual tour. Drink in as much of this glorious cathedral as you can with a variety of 360 tour options here. These videos all capture the cathedral as it appeared prior to the tragic fire that overtook it several years ago.

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Virtual Sightseeing

Pretend to Travel to Paris with these virtual sightseeing options:

Arc de Triomphe

One of the most famous sites in Paris is Arc de Triomphe. While there isn’t much to tour, there is a way to see the site virtually with a little bit more detail and interactivity than you can get from a photo collection or a simple video.

Luxembourg Gardens

Tour the vast spaces and beautiful landscaping and sculptures of Luxembourg Gardens on this virtual tour that allows you to explore many angles of the location at your own pace.

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What to Do While in Paris

Some places in Paris are must-do-in-person experiences. While you should always take advantage of a virtual tour when offered. These sites are best visited especially when you have truly arrived in the city.

Grand Palais

Grand Palais is a large space that is actually composed of three spaces. There are many national and international events that take place at Grand Palais. It’s always preferable to see what is happening there while you are in town.

Sainte Chapelle

This gorgeous cathedral is so splendid to the human eye that pictures do not do it justice. You must see this stunning feat of architecture in person. The Gothic structure of towering stained glass windows and ornate wooden carvings was consecrated in April of 1248.

Opera De Paris

Another fascinating building to physically enter is the Paris Opera House. This grand venue is an attraction unto itself. It’s even better if you can take in a show.

Have you been to Paris? Dreaming of a Paris vacation? What are your must-see attractions in Paris?

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