The Importance Of Family Game Night

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The Importance Of Family Game Night

I was recently presented with an amazing opportunity for the wonderful folks at Hasbro. I have told you guys in the past that I LOVE Hasbro and this is just another reason why….

According to a recent survey from Hasbro Games, 91% of families who make the time to play games together report that game playing sessions give their family mood a positive boost. Dr. Christine Carter, a happiness expert, sociologist and parent educator based out of UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center, assisted with the survey and shared some tips on how families can make the most out of family time — whenever we’re able to schedule it!

I was given the opportunity to have a one-on-one interview with Dr. Carter and I wanted to share it with you guys. The holidays are here, and they are all about family togetherness and family traditions. Make sure you are giving your family quality time!

Here are the questions (Q) and answers (A) from my interview. Make sure you CLICK TO CONTINUE to see everything. Please feel free to leave your comments and questions in the comments on this post.

Q. Do you think the amount of time families spend together has diminished over the years?

A. Studies show that families are actually spending more tine together, but less QUALITY time. We are spending more time running errands, go to functions, etc…but less actual quality time.

Q. Do you feel as though Family Game nights are better than Movie nights? You are still together as a family…

A. Movie night and game nights are just…DIFFERENT. Movie nights are more passive. Game nights are get everyone active. Kids learn to be an active part of something that is bigger than just them…a team. Skills are used on game nights…such as: team work, win gracefully, to not be a sore loser, etc.

The Importance Of Family Game Night

Q. What advice do you have for parents that feel like that they HAVE to say connected to their phones or laptop because their careers depend on it.

A. You don’t want your kids to think that they take a back seat to your career. 61% of parents feel like they have a hard time disconnecting from their jobs, BUT 76% off families wish they spend MORE time together. And, 91% of families who play together say it has a positive impact on their mood.

The Importance Of Family Game Night

Q. I love the idea of extending Dinner time to include game time, but if that doesn’t work for some families- what other time do you recommend?

A. Just pick the time that works best for you and your family. You probably already spend 20 minutes a week together, just upgrade that time to include game time.

Q. What game recommendations do you have for families that have kids of various ages – like for example: a 4 year old and a 10 year old?

A. Play in teams! It’s a great lesson to teach kids that they CAN play with kids that aren’t exactly like them. Have the younger kids team up with the older kids. Dr. Carter recommended that the younger kids play “up” so that the older kids and the parents don’t get bored. Games like JENGA, Life and Operation can be enjoyed by kids of all ages. Make sure to not always keep the same game…keep that novelty alive – rotate games ๐Ÿ™‚

Q. As kids get into their teen years, how do you keep them interested?

A. Let them pick the game. Make sure to let them still feel involved…Let them invite friends! If you start the habit of Game Night, it will just be a regular family ritual.

The Importance Of Family Game Night

Q. Do you feel that spending more family time together actually has an impact on a child in various ways – such as social skills, and maybe even in school?

A. ABSOLUTELY! Game night is like that “hidden veggie” – it’s something that is good for everyone and you don’t even know it. Games foster skills.

Q. How do we as parents force ourselves to slow down?

A. If you find that are you continually missing your scheduled game night, switch up your day or time, shift things around to make it work. Again, you CAN give your family 20 minutes of UNPLUGGED devoted time per week.

Q. Hasbro is great about putting new spins on “older” games – do you think these new versions help keep kids excited about game night?

A. Yes, novelty of a new game is always a plus. Game nights are FUN. They show your kids that you think THEY ARE WORTH IT.

Q. Would you say that family game night at the table is different than family game night in front a gaming system (like Xbox or WII)?

A. YES! Game night at the table is a time that is more engaging…you are actually LOOKING at each other and are engaged as a whole. Not just one at a time.

Q. Finally, what is your favorite game?

A. At the moment, Scattegories and JENGA. She mentioned that her and her husband will actually sit down with a glass of wine and play JENGA themselves after the kids are in bed. So, game nights are also a great way to bond with your spouse too ๐Ÿ™‚

I wanted to thank Dr. Carter and Hasbro for the opportunity to discuss something that is near and dear to me…FAMILY TIME, FAMILY, and HAPPINESS.

I will receive some fun games for Hasbro for sharing this with my wonderful readers, but it was my pleasure.  All opinions are my own!

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