Easter Bunny Mason Jars

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These Easter Bunny Mason Jars are easy to make and will look adorable this Easter on your table or all over the house! Fill these Easter Bunny Mason Jars treats or flowers. Happy Easter!

Easter Bunny Mason Jars

Easter Bunny Mason Jars

Easter is such a cute holiday, celebrated mostly in the morning time and with yummy treats, I thought I would make a cute Mason Jar Craft for you all!  These Easter Bunny Mason Jars are not only easy to make, but they are also very cost effective to make…oh and they are adorable!!

DIY Easter Bunny Mason Jars

Here’s what you need to make Easter Bunny Mason Jars:

  • White Spray Paint – I used Rust Oleum Semi-Gloss, you can pick up a can at Walmart for under $4 or on Amazon
  • Mason Jars – I got a 12 pack at Walmart for under $9, or check on Amazon
  • Construction Paper – white and pink for the ears
  • Pink Craft Pom-Pom – or something similar for the nose and tail
  • Glue – I used hot glue, but super glue would work too
  • Googly eyes – if desired

Easy Easter Bunny Mason Jars

Here’s how to make your Bunny Mason Jars:

  • Take the lid off the mason jar, and then spray the entire jar white – I place my hand inside the jar partially while spraying
  • Allow the jar to dry – mine was ready to go in about an hour or two. I let it dry outside.
  • While your jar(s) are drying, cut out the bunny’s ears.  I just folded a piece of the construction paper in half and cut out an “ear” shape, then cut that in half so I had two “ears”
  • You can use pink construction paper to make the middle of the ear by following the same method, you can also color it pink with crayons or markers, or if you happen to have some pink faux fur laying around like I did, you can glue that on ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • Once your jar(s) are dry, use hot hot glue to glue on your ears, nose, and tail…eyes if desired
  • Fill with candy, eggs, or your favorite treats if desired

Adorable Easter Mason Jars

I think they are cute with and without the googly eyes.

Easy Easter Bunny Mason Jars

You can also make them with just tails!

Easter Craft

I hope you have fun making your own Easter Bunny Mason Jars!  I know I did!

Need some supplies for your mason jar crafts?

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29 thoughts on “Easter Bunny Mason Jars

  1. These Easter Bunny Mason Jars are really cute. This is a project I would like to do with my granddaughter.

  2. These Easter Bunny mason jars are cute and the kids could help with the ears and coloring.

  3. Thanks for the reminder! I made something like these years and years ago for my nieces. I think it is time that I made these with my great nieces.

  4. I am amazed at how many creative ways there are to decorate and use these mason jars for holiday decorations. The bunnies are adorable and I would leave them in my garden for a little while.

  5. I am a mason jar nut and these are darling . It would be fin to make them as is and then make the just tails ones and alternate them back and forth.

  6. Well, it’s something to do with mason jars. I wouldn’t, the kids are grown, but it would be fun for little kids to help out with and decorate.

  7. Thank you for the East Bunny mason jar. My grandkids and I will have fun trying this one out. They will love it.

  8. Oh, these are so cute! I would fill these with Easter candy and give to my family and friends ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I love these Mason jar craft ideas! These are the kinds of projects that are very easy for kids to make and they end up feeling so proud because they look “professional.”

  10. These are soooo cute! Love that it so simple and not expensive. The kids would love to help too. Thank you.

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