Call Me A Cab Vodka Lemonade Wine Cocktail

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Wine Cocktails are refreshing and oh so delicious if mixed right.  This Call Me A Cab Vodka Lemonade Wine Cocktail is the perfect blend of sweet, dry, and summer!

Call Me A Cab Vodka Lemonade Wine Cocktail

Call Me A Cab Vodka Lemonade Wine Cocktail

Summer calls for cool drinks, sweet treats, and fun with friends.  All the fun stuff doesn’t have to be for the kids, us adults can enjoy cool drinks and fun with friends too!  That’s why I did some mixin’ in the kitchen and came up with some refreshing summer cocktails.

It’s no secret that I love a good glass of wine, and it wasn’t until I created my Aloha Vodka Sunset Cocktail that I ever even thought of mixing wine with other liquors or even juices (unless I was making sangria).  I mean, wine is amazing all on it’s own.  And when I think of mixing wine with juice, I automatically think of grabbing for a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio, both are lighter, crisper, have citrus notes, and can be a bit sweet at times and would blend nicely with a variety of concoctions I’m sure.

But, I had a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon in my hand and it’s about 95 degrees here in Florida, and I wanted to sit outside and watch the kids swim for a few.  The Cab seemed a bit too dry (don’t get me wrong, I LOVE a good glass of Cabernet Sauvignon) for the summer heat and pool watching, so I opened the refrigerator and grabbed for the kids’ lemonade.  The dryness and boldness from the red wine and the sour from the lemonade actually blended together perfectly.  Add in some vodka and you got yourself an incredible wine cocktail.   Why vodka?  Why not?! I have discovered that drinks with wine and vodka can be pretty darn tasty!

Vodka Lemonade Wine Cocktail

Before you know it, I had a beautiful, refreshing wine cocktail in my glass, that I loved so much I made one for a friend and delivered to her house and decided that I had to share it with you all.

To make my Call Me A Cab Drink, you just need ice, your vodka of choice, a good bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon (I used CK Mondavi and Family) and lemonade.  Ahhhhhh…..

Now, put your feet up and enjoy your soon to be favorite sweet wine cocktail.  Actually, you don’t have to save this wine cocktail for just summer!  Enjoy it all year long…well, I don’t always want a cold drink in the winter, but you catch my drift. This cocktail recipe is the most popular recipe on my site, so I know you all like it too, don’t forget to share it with your friends!

I will admit that the “layering” look can be temperamental at times, try pouring the wine over the back of a spoon.  But, don’t fear, if your cocktail doesn’t layer, it will still taste delicious.  I promise!  But you don’t even have to take my word for it, check out the comments below ๐Ÿ™‚

When I make this wine cocktail these are the ingredients I use:

  • Publix Old Fashioned Lemonade – I personally prefer the taste of “real” lemonade over the powdered, but I have had reviews on Pinterest that they have used just about every kind of lemonade you can think of, so grab what you have and give it a try!
  • CK Mondavi and Family Cabernet Sauvignon – The price point on this wine is about $7.99, making it a great wine for drinking and a great wine for mixing.
  • Grey Goose Vodka – It’s a great vodka, and to be honest, that was what I had on hand.
  • Ice – You will want this vodka and wine cocktail nice and cold.
  • A Fun Clear Glass – This drink is GORGEOUS, so you want a glass that you can see it in!  I used a Cognac/Bourbon glass, but on Pinterest folks have sent me pictures of this cocktail in everything from wine glasses to mason jars

How to Choose a Wine for Making Wine Cocktails

When it comes to making wine cocktails, the options are endless. But how do you choose the right wine for your cocktail?  The first thing you need to decide is what kind of cocktail you want to make. Are you looking for something refreshing and light, or something richer and more robust? Once you’ve decided on the general flavor profile you’re going for, you can start narrowing down your wine choices.

Next, think about what kind of base liquor you’ll be using in your cocktail. This will also help determine which wines will work best. For example, if you’re using vodka as your base, a lighter white wine would be a good choice. But if you’re using bourbon or whiskey, a bolder red wine would be better.

Finally, don’t be afraid to experiment!

Do I Need Expensive Liquor for Making Wine Cocktails?

You can make delicious wine cocktails with any type of wine or liquor, including inexpensive options.

With these tips in mind, you can make delicious wine cocktails without spending a lot of money on expensive liquor. So go ahead and experiment with different types of wines and mixers until you find a combination that you love.

How Does Layering Drinks Work?

When it comes to wine cocktails, bartenders often layer drinks to create interesting and visually appealing effects. But how does this technique work?

Layering is all about density. Different liquors have different densities, so when they are combined in a glass, they will naturally separate into layers. The trick is to pour the liquor slowly and carefully so that each layer floats on top of the one before it.

So next time you see a bartender layering a drink, don’t be afraid to ask them how it’s done.

Oh and if you feel like calling a cab….call an uber ๐Ÿ˜‰ Check out my new Call Me An Uber Blueberry Vodka Wine Cocktail

Now, here is my Call Me A Cab Vodka Lemonade Wine Cocktail Recipe, be sure to Print It and Pin It so that you can make it again and again…You’ll want to ๐Ÿ˜‰

Call Me A Cab Vodka Lemonade Wine Cocktail - Food Wine Sunshine

Call Me A Cab Vodka Lemonade Wine Cocktail

Sweet lemonade and rich Cabernet Sauvignon mix together to make this Call Me A Cab Red Wine and Vodka Cocktail the sweet taste of a summer!
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Course: Cocktail
Keyword: cocktails, lemonade, red wine, vodka, wine, wine cocktail
Prep Time: 2 minutes
Total Time: 2 minutes
Servings: 1
Calories: 199kcal
Author: Tracy


  • Ice
  • 6 oz lemonade
  • 1 oz vodka
  • 2-3 oz Cabernet Sauvignon - I used CK Mondavi and Family



Calories: 199kcal | Carbohydrates: 23g | Protein: 1g | Sodium: 11mg | Sugar: 20g
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Cab Vodka Lemonade Wine Cocktail

I hope you enjoy this Call Me A Cab Vodka Lemonade Wine Cocktail as much as my friends and I do!

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Call Me A Cab Vodka Lemonade Wine Cocktail Recipe

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19 thoughts on “Call Me A Cab Vodka Lemonade Wine Cocktail

  1. LOVE the name of this cocktail! I’m with you. Summer is too hot to drink a cab. But a quick cocktail makes every cab a perfect summer drink!

  2. These sound like great summer cocktails. So refresher. So relaxing to sit and sip on one of these. Thank you so much for sharing

  3. 3 stars
    Hi! It tastes good but how did you get the drink to layer so nicely? When i slowly poured the wine in, it mixed instantly โ˜น

    1. It did take a few tries, make sure the ice is and pour unto the ice. I hope that helps! If not, let me know and I will happily try it again here ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. I just made the Call me a cab cocktail…soooooo good, Luckily I generally have the components on hand all the time, Thanks for the recipe!

    1. You are more than welcome, glad you enjoyed it. It’s definitely one of my favorite cocktails too ๐Ÿ™‚ CHEERS!!

  5. To get the drink to layer as in the picture, use a small spoon. Turn it over and slowly pour the wine over the spoon and onto the drink AFTER the ice is added.

  6. 5 stars
    I try a different drink every time I go out. I look up drinks on my pintrest that all my followers send to me. I choose 1maybe. 2 in a night and try it. Thank you to all. This Drink however is Very Refreshing and Tastes Amazing Great Job.

    1. Hi Toni! A red moscato will be sweeter than using a cab, but if you like sweet, I would definitely say to try it! And be sure to come back and let me know what you think – I would love to hear the results!

  7. 5 stars
    Tried tonight for first time! Sitting in the garden area totally enjoying this hot August night, watching the hummingbirds, and each others conversations! May just be my new favorite summer drink! Cheers!

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