Whether we’re celebrating a special occasion, or just the fact we made it to Friday, wine can make any day just a little more memorable. Red. White. Rosé. Champagne. Pop the cork on that bottle of champagne from France and celebrate today! After all, wine, champagne, and cocktails are made to be enjoyed with good friends and delicious food. I believe in celebrating every moment.

Each wine varietal has something unique to bring to the table. Or should I say wine glass? Swirl a glass of a deep Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. Inhale deeply, close your eyes, and just imagine the full-bodied red wine as it’s being aged to perfection in the bottle for you to enjoy. Go ahead and sip that beautiful, rich red wine and notice the high tannins and acidity. Uncork a Sonoma Valley Pinot Noir or Chardonnay, let your wine breathe, and then take a moment to fully appreciate the medium-bodied “lighter” flavors of these very popular red and white wines.

Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc are crisp white wines that are enjoyed all year long, but they are especially refreshing when served ice cold during those hot summer months. Rosé is becoming more popular by the day, and that’s completely understandable due to its versatility in pairing, and crisp yet dry profile. And, let’s be honest, it has a beautiful color. Rosé wine is also used in wine cocktails frequently, Frosé anyone?

Speaking of cocktails, you will also find incredible cocktail recipes here on Food Wine Sunshine to help you lift your spirits with every season and the holidays that come with them. Discover how a simple syrup or easy to make mixers can transform an otherwise boring drink into a cocktail that is truly extraordinary. Let’s use wine and cocktails the way they were meant to be enjoyed – to spark memories, heighten our food experiences, and enjoy some time together.

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