Just because I love wine and food doesn’t mean I can’t be healthy and live a healthy lifestyle. I believe in living a balanced life, I believe in moderation, I believe in exercise and I believe in having fun! You can enjoy life to the fullest while still enjoying in your favorite things.

Living a healthier lifestyle is about more than just how we look, it’s also about how we feel on the inside. Isn’t that the first thing we often forget about when trying to fit into that perfect pair of jeans? True health starts from the inside with things like nutrition, vitamins, and what we consume in our diet. Proper wellness is about our physical fitness and using exercises like yoga, spinning, cardio, strength and conditioning and more to keep the machine that is our bodies in the best condition we can.

With all that said, I believe in enjoying that glass or two of wine, or having that dessert. I don’t believe in sacrificing all of the delicious foods and drinks that life has to offer just to get to that “ideal weight”. That’s where moderation comes in! You can indulge a little as long as you’re maintaining a healthy lifestyle overall and you are happy.

Speaking of being happy, health and wellness is also about being mentally and emotionally healthy. What we consume in our minds is just as important as what we eat and drink. When we fill our minds with negativity, it hurts, and can actually lead to physical problems as well. That’s why on this page I share tips, ideas, healthy recipes, workout ideas, and more to help your health and wellness of both your mind and body to get us into the best shape possible.

We only have one life to live, and I believe that we need to live it to the fullest. Join me on my journey to a healthier me, and you might discover a healthier you too.

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