Paint Swirl Ornaments Kids Craft

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(Last Updated On: December 7, 2020)

The kids will love making this easy Christmas craft this holiday season! These Paint Swirl Ornaments are a perfect holiday gift idea too, handmade with love.

Paint Swirl Ornament Kids Craft

Paint Swirl Ornaments Kids Craft

My mom came to visit us for the weekend and did a craft with the kids for beautiful glass Paint Swirl Ornaments. It is very easy and the ornaments end up looking like hand-blown glass ornaments!

Paint Swirl Ornaments

What You Need To Make Paint Swirl Ornaments:

  • Glass (or plastic) clear ornaments – they are on sale just about everywhere right now (we got ours for $5 for 6)
  • Acrylic Paint – Poster and Tempera Paint will eventually crack

What You Do To Make Paint Swirl Ornaments:

  • Cover your working station – we used trash bags!
  • Take the top off the ornament
  • Put a small amount of ONE color at a time into the bulb
  • Swirl/move the ornament around to get the paint to move
  • Apply as many colors as you would like and make sure to do just one color at a time
  • Place ornaments in up right position (back in package, in a cup etc). to allow the paint to completely dry – overnight is a good time 🙂
  • Once paint is dry you can put the ornament top back on

Paint Swirl Ornament Christmas Craft

If too much paint gets into the bulb, you can turn the bulb upside down to drain out some of the excess paint. This will allow it to dry better and it will not affect your beautiful bulb!

Easiest Paint Swirl Ornaments

As I mentioned, my mom made these with the kids and they gave them to my husband and I for Welcome Home gifts from our weekend away 🙂 These will be ornaments that we will cherish forever!

These Paint Swirl Ornaments would also make for perfect gifts.

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Happy Holidays!

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