Family Fun Camping

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Camping Family Fun

Family Fun Camping

We LOVE Camping, in fact we are up in Michigan right now at Lake Leelanau RV Park – it is one of the best campgrounds in the world in my opinion ๐Ÿ˜‰ There is all sorts of camping to do as a family, you can tent camp, go in a camper, go in an RV, rent a camper or RV, or stay in a cabin. Anyway you decide it to do, it is an amazing family bonding experience. It may take a lot of effort to get ready, but the payoff is huge. Everyone will definitely benefit from the mental break a tightly followed schedule, and there are endless ways to experience new things.

The natural setting that camping offers is an ever-changing canvas for you and your children to explore and observe. Staying active in the great outdoors is a great way to strengthen family ties!

Family Fun Camping

Here are a few activities that we love to do while camping, these are great to keep in mind for those moments when you think someone may say “I’m bored!”:

Play a Board Game

Bring ones for home that is easy to travel with

Go Take a Hike

You don’t need to go on trails, just explore what’s around you!

Plan Scavenger Hunt

In fact, we did that just this morning with my mom’s retirement party!

Get Musical

Got some drums, a guitar? Bring them along! If not, you can make some! Get creative – use empty coffee cans, etc!

Family Fun Camping

Play Ball

Break out the football, baseball, etc.

Family Fun Camping


We LOVE to spend time on the water while camping. Our goal is to be out at the sandbar just about everyday! We love to go tubing ๐Ÿ™‚

Family Fun Camping

Build a Campfire

That goes without saying – who doesn’t love a campfire?!

Make S’mores

And what campfire is complete without s’mores?

Tell Stories

The perfect time to chat with family and friends is while camping and sitting around the campfire!

Chocolate Covered Cherry Magpies recipe

Need some camping recipes?

Check out my Pizza and Chocolate Covered Cherry Magpie Recipes.

Family Fun Camping


Yes, as you can see, camping does take a bit of planning.  Get your favorite games ready, you favorite snacks packed, a variety of clothes for unexpected changing temperatures, and get ready for some fun!  DON’T forget the sunscreen and remember there will be bugs…Yes, those annoying little things that fly around and like to bite us.  I pack up the bug spray for us adults.

Family Fun Camping

Bug Smarties actually have Insect Shield® bug repellent technology, it protects against mosquitoes, ticks, and more. You and the kids can’t tell it’s there, but the bugs can! The repellent is bonded to the fabric fibers and lasts through 70 washes, the expected lifetime of a garment. Not only is Sadie adorable in her gear (we LOVE the thumb holes on the Bug Smarties shirt and jacket – seriously, I think it’s Sadie’s favorite feature!), but she’s also protected! Win-Win!

Looking for a place to camp?

Check out these 100 Top Places to Camp with Families

Family camping on Food Wine Sunshine

And…most importantly, Have FUN!

Does your family camp?  What are some of your favorite Family Fun Camping Tips?

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  1. Camping is one of the best activities a family can do together. It’s a mini-vacation, with plenty of opportunities for learning, bonding and relaxing together as a family. I love family camping so much.

    Thanks for sharing your ideas!

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