Why You Should Stay At La Gemma Hotel In Florence Italy

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Florence, Italy, is known for a variety of cultural, historical, and artistic aspects that contribute to its worldwide reputation. Discover we loved staying at La Gemma Hotel, a 5 Star Luxury Hotel, while in Florence and why you should stay at La Gemma Hotel in Florence Italy. While we did get a discount on our stay, our love of Florence, Italy and La Gemma are our own.

La Gemma Hotel Florence

La Gemma Hotel is a 5 Star luxury hotel that is located less than 30 minutes from the Florence Airport and just about an hour from the Tuscany countryside. Located in the heart of Florence, La Gemma Hotel is the place to stay when in Florence Italy.

Planning a dream vacation to Italy? If so, I’m sure Florence is on your list to visit. It was on ours. My husband and I stayed in Florence on our honeymoon over 20 years ago and had the opportunity to go back over 20 years later. The beauty, the history, the magic was exactly how we remembered it. Florence offers a perfect blend of art, history, culinary delights, and cultural experiences, making it a must-visit destination for travelers seeking a rich and immersive Italian experience.

La Gemma Hotel Florence Italy

When planning our trip, we wanted to start our vacation in the heart of Florence. Staying in the city center allows you to immerse yourself in the local lifestyle, interact with locals, and enjoy the unique charm of Florence. We wanted to walk to popular sites and to local restaurants and staying at La Gemma Hotel was exactly the place to stay to get that opportunity. Not to mention, it’s absolutely gorgeous.

The La Gemma Hotel in Florence, Italy is the perfect place for families or couples to stay luxuriously while they enjoy their time in Florence. It is located in the heart of Florence, just steps away from everything you want to do while vacationing in Florence.

La Gemma Hotel Bar

One of my favorite things about La Gemma is that it’s a boutique hotel that is family-owned. The hotel is quaint, sexy, and intimate with the utmost attention paid to detail, making you feel welcome and comfortable.

La Gemma Hotel Florence Rooms

The hotel is beautifully decorated, with lots of elegant touches everywhere you look. The staff at La Gemma are absolutely amazing and do an excellent job at providing for your needs.

La Gemma Hotel View

With the hotel’s central location you are just a few minutes walk from most of the famous historical landmarks and of course amazing shopping and restaurants. The city center is home to many of Florence’s major attractions, including the Uffizi Gallery, Ponte Vecchio, Florence Cathedral (Duomo), and Piazza della Signoria. Staying at La Gemma allows you to explore these iconic landmarks with ease, often within walking distance.

Things to do in Florence Italy

We checked in and were offered a welcome glass of champagne and a tour of the hotel, lounge and restaurant. Once our room was ready, we got settled and then headed out to explore the city. Gelato, pasta and Italian wine were beckoning me.

Wondering what this amazing hotel looks like or what kind of food you can expect from Luca’s? Check out my Instagram Reel from our trip.

What restaurants are at La Gemma Hotel?

Luca's La Gemma Hotel Florence
Luca’s La Gemma Hotel Florence

Luca’s Ristorante

This five star restaurant features Florentine cuisine with a modern twist from the kitchen of Chef Paulo Airaudo.

Wine Selection at Lucas La Gemma Hotel Florence
Luca’s La Gemma Hotel Florence

Inside of the restaurant you will find an extensive selection of wines, and if you don’t know what to have or which wine will complement your meal simply ask. The friendly and knowledgeable staff will be happy to make a recommendation.

Lucas Restaurant La Gemma Hotel Florence
Luca’s La Gemma Hotel Florence

For dinner, we left our entire meal and wine selection up to the chef and staff, who else would know what is best besides the experts? The food was absolutely incredible, each dish a masterpiece. We sat for hours chatting, enjoying each other and savoring each bite and sip.

Where to eat in Florence

Room service is available, and breakfast is complimentary. Do not miss breakfast for some amazing pastries! I also enjoyed the omelet and cappuccino.

Luca’s Lounge

Luca’s Lounge is also located inside of the restaurant and it’s the perfect place to grab a drink before dinner or to have a nightcap. The bartenders and mixologists here are master’s of their craft and their drink offerings are extensive. Be sure to try out some of their custom cocktails.

La Gemma Hotel Florence Lounge
La Gemma Hotel Florence Lounge

We finished our days at the lounge, the seating was comfortable, the staff was friendly and who can resist taking pictures of the mirrored ceiling?

What do the rooms look like at La Gemma Hotel in Florence?

La Gemma Hotel Florence Rooms
Our Room

In one word…LUXURY. The green and gold accents everywhere, the utmost attention to detail, the views of the city. They are simply breathtaking. The rooms at hotel La Gemma are spacious and comfortable with king size beds and comfortable furniture for relaxing. The rooms include LED TV’s, a mini bar with free soft drinks, air conditioning, a cocktail station, and of course free WIFI. But we highly recommend staying off your phone and computer and enjoying everything the hotel and city have to offer! You may also find a selection of gourmet chocolates upon arriving in your room.

Rooms at La Gemma Hotel Florence
Our Room

You can leave your bath and body essentials at home because they are supplied for you. Your bathroom will be filled with Votary bath products to use during your stay.

La Gemma Hotel Florence View
View From Our Room

The staff at the La Gemma hotel are friendly and professional, but so welcoming and willing to help with anything that you might need from them during your stay. Before turning in each evening you will find a small rug and slippers have been placed beside your bed, in addition to a water bottle placed on your bedside table.

The La Gemma Hotel is both pet and child friendly. There is a nightly fee for your pet, and if you have children staying with you, you might want to book a suite.

5 Star Hotel in Florence

Allure Spa at Hotel La Gemma

Looking for a little pampering after your travels to Florence? Then you need some relaxation. You can choose from a variety of massage treatments, manicures, pedicures, make-up and hair services. Hotel La Gemma has the first Biologique Recherche spa in Florence, so take advantage of it! You can get an in depth skin analysis and treatments specifically for your skin’s needs. My husband and I had massages, I will admit, it was the perfect way to get some tension out of our muscles after sitting on a plane for 10 hours.

Best 5 Star Hotel in Florence

VIP La Gemma Experiences

Want to take the guess work out of what to do while you are in Florence? Hotel La Gemma has the Golden Key Club. These VIP experiences include a farmhouse cooking class, a mixology class, a helicopter tour of Florence, one of a kind wine tastings, and private visits to local artisan workshops, and perfumeries.

Hotel La Gemma prides itself on crafting a bespoke guest experience for everyone. Just let them know your interests and let them take care of the rest.

Best 5 Star Hotel in Florence Italy

What to do During Your Stay In Florence

There is so much to see and do in Florence when you aren’t enjoying delicious meals at Luca’s Ristorante or being pampered at the Allure spa. You won’t find any shortage of shops, museums, and other historical monuments to explore in Florence. Here is a list of completely free things to do in Florence Italy.

We walked for hours everyday, it was magical. We did buy the tour passes to climb the church tower, did the free walking tour and did a wine tasting trip.

Wine at La Gemma Hotel Florence Lounge
La Gemma Hotel Florence Lounge

If you get the opportunity to travel to Florence, you should definitely consider staying at La Gemma Hotel and enjoy a meal at Luca’s Ristorante….and don’t forget to take a ceiling-selfie at Luca’s Lounge.

Have you been to Florence? Where is your favorite place to stay in Florence, Italy?

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