Annie Broadway Musical – See Your Favorite Red Head in Tampa

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(Last Updated On: June 8, 2023)

Catch this heart-warming show in Tampa while you can! Annie, the Broadway Musical is filled with all the songs you know and love. You will leave smiling and hugging your loved ones. While I was able to see this performance for free, my love for Annie and Tampa is my own!

Do you remember Annie from when you were younger? I remember the story, the songs, and how it made me feel happy. So, when I heard that it was coming to Tampa and I could see it…with my mom and daughter, I was so excited! In fact, my mom actually directed Annie twice in her career as a teacher. I caught her crying a few times during the performance 😉 At the bottom of this post, I added a picture from her show almost 10 years ago!

Let’s learn a little about Annie, shall we?

What’s The Original Story Of Annie the Musical

Annie follows the journey of a young orphan girl who maintains her hopeful spirit and positive outlook on life, even in challenging circumstances. The narrative emphasizes themes of resilience, courage, and the power of love and kindness, which resonate with people of all ages. It is set during the Great Depression, but despite being set in a specific time period, the musical’s themes and messages remain relevant and timeless. The idea of finding hope and optimism in difficult times is something that resonates with audiences regardless of when they experience the show.

“Annie” is a popular musical that premiered on Broadway in 1977. It has become one of the most beloved and enduring musicals of all time. The history of “Annie” dates back to the 1920s, when Harold Gray created the comic strip “Little Orphan Annie,” which served as the inspiration for the musical.

The idea for adapting the comic strip into a stage musical came from lyricist and director Martin Charnin. He approached composer Charles Strouse and librettist Thomas Meehan with the concept, and together they began working on the show. Charnin also took on the role of director.

The original Broadway production of “Annie” opened on April 21, 1977, at the Alvin Theatre (now the Neil Simon Theatre) in New York City. Andrea McArdle played the title role of Annie, a spunky and optimistic orphan girl, while Dorothy Loudon portrayed the tyrannical Miss Hannigan, the orphanage’s cruel caretaker. The show received positive reviews and quickly became a hit, winning seven Tony Awards, including Best Musical.

The musical’s memorable score, composed by Charles Strouse with lyrics by Martin Charnin, features popular songs such as “Tomorrow,” “It’s the Hard-Knock Life,” and “You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile.” The heartwarming story follows Annie’s journey from the orphanage to the luxurious home of billionaire Oliver Warbucks, who takes her in during the Great Depression and helps her search for her long-lost parents.

“Annie” has had a significant cultural impact and has been adapted into several film versions, including the 1982 movie starring Aileen Quinn as Annie and Carol Burnett as Miss Hannigan. There have also been television adaptations and a 2014 remake, which featured Quvenzhané Wallis as Annie and Cameron Diaz as Miss Hannigan.

“Annie” has a heartwarming story, catchy songs, and themes of hope, optimism, and the resilience of the human spirit. The musical continues to delight audiences of all ages and remains a beloved classic in the world of musical theater.

“Annie” features a number of catchy and memorable songs,the music has a joyful and uplifting quality that resonates with audiences.

The show appeals to both children and adults, making it a popular choice for families to enjoy together. So, be sure to catch it at the Straz here in Tampa while you can!

Where can you see Annie in Tampa?

The Straz is situated along the Tampa Riverwalk, a scenic pedestrian path that runs alongside the Hillsborough River. Its location offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy beautiful views, stroll along the river, and explore the vibrant downtown area before or after attending a performance. Did you know that The Straz occupies the former site of the Tampa Bay Hotel, which was built in the late 19th century and played a significant role in Tampa’s history? The hotel was a luxurious destination and a hub for social and cultural events. The preservation and incorporation of the historic elements into the Straz’s design add a unique and nostalgic touch to the venue.

Straz Center Tampa Address:

  • 1010 N. W.C. MacInnes Place Tampa, FL 33602

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As promised, this picture was taken from my mom’s show…in 2014!

What is one of your favorite shows that you have seen at the Straz Center in Tampa?

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