Why It’s Important To Eat Fruit

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Fruit is not just delicious, it’s very good for you. Learn why it’s important to eat fruit and the benefits of eating fruit.

What are the benefits of eating fruit

Why It’s Important To Eat Fruit

Fruits are abundant in minerals, vitamins, sugars, and in some cases, even proteins. Maximizing the benefits of fruit is simply a matter of knowing how and when to eat it, and understanding why it’s important to eat it.

The fruit is Mother Nature’s superfood. Fruit is sweet, succulent, refreshing, invigorating, and, let’s not forget…delicious. But besides the taste, the fruit has amazing regenerating and healing properties. If eaten properly, fruit can be the superfood the body needs to help obtain optimum health. After you have purchased your favorite fruits at the farmer’s market or grocer, be sure that you are storing the fruit properly to help prevent them from going bad.

Eat Fruit on an Empty Stomach

To reap the most benefits of fruit, it fruit on an empty stomach.

All foods have different digestion rates, with fruit being among the fastest. It is ready to pass through the stomach into the intestines almost immediately, but if other slower digesting foods are waiting there, this will not happen.

Instead, the fruit will sit on top of the already-eaten meal and will begin to ferment. Eating fruit after a meal is often what causes people to complain of stomachaches and indigestion.

Fruit: The Ultimate Detoxifier

Want to remove dark circles under the eyes, improve skin complexion, promote hair and nail growth, and calm the nervous system? Make sure fruit is a part of your daily meal planning. This is a great way to reveal just how powerful the benefits of fruit are. Be sure to eat only fresh fruit, not canned or cooked, and drink only fresh fruit juice and water.

Benefits of eating fruit

The following is a list of some of the most commonly eaten fruits in North America and their nutritional benefits:

* Apples – There is truth to the saying an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Apples have antioxidants and flavonoids, which enhance the activity of vitamin C as well as contain pectin, which aids in digestion and lowering blood pressure.
* Bananas – The champion among superfoods, bananas have a long list of nutritional benefits: potassium, which lowers blood pressure, preventing heart attacks and strokes, and reduces calcium excretion in the kidneys, aiding to prevent osteoporosis; vitamin B6, which helps boost immunity; folate, a mineral needed for tissue growth; and fiber, which of course keeps everyone regular.
* Kiwi – Small and mighty, kiwis are a good source of potassium, magnesium, vitamin E, and fiber. They also have about twice as much vitamin C as oranges.
* Berries – Berries have among the highest antioxidant power of all organic foods and help protect the body from free radicals and cancer. Berries are loaded with vitamin C, fiber, and folate.
* Oranges – They are still among the best ways to kill a cold, but oranges can also do so much more. Oranges contain folic acid, which aids in proper brain development, and beta-carotene, a powerful antioxidant that protects the cells from damage.

Of course, eating too much fruit isn’t good for you either. A balanced diet is always the way to go. If you have questions about exactly what foods are best for you, talk to your doctor.

Health benefits of eating fruit

What is your favorite fruit to eat? Did you know it was important to eat fruit?

Eating vegetables is also important to your diet and since vegetables aren’t as sweet as fruit, you may think it’s hard to eat the recommended amount of vegetables per day. Here are easy ways to add more vegetables to your diet.

Why It's Important To Eat Fruit

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