Tips to Save Money on Your Thanksgiving Dinner Menu

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(Last Updated On: September 3, 2020)

Tips to Save Money on Your Thanksgiving Day Dinner Menu

Tips to Save Money on Your Thanksgiving Dinner Menu

What is on your Thanksgiving menu? Do you have it planned yet? I don’t know about you, but for the last week I have been stressing about what I need to buy, where I need to buy it from, am I going to be ready, will I be organized enough so that I can actually enjoy Thanksgiving with my family? Because that is what Thanksgiving is all about – celebrating the things we are THANKFUL for. It isn’t about stressing out about the meal!

Well, one thing I am thankful for this season is the fact that I downloaded the Flipp app. I told you guys about it awhile back, it’s a FREE app that puts all the sales circulars right on your phone. Because let’s be honest, are you ever ANYWHERE without your phone? So, when I have a moment, I open the Flipp app and I can check out all the sales at my favorite stores. Right now, it’s the grocery stores.

I love Thanksgiving dinner and all the food, but I have no desire to spend a small fortune on it. So how does Flipp help me?

Simple, I open the app, search the things I need.

Tips to Save Money on Your Thanksgiving Dinner Menu

Turkey on anyone else’s Thanksgiving menu?

Tips to Save Money on Your Thanksgiving Dinner Menu

And bam! Looks like there’s a fabulous deal at Winn Dixie right now. I can get a whole meal deal, or grab a frozen one. That took me about 3 seconds to find 🙂 I also learned from the ad that if a competitor has a better price Winn Dixie will match it.

Tips to Save Money on Your Thanksgiving Dinner Menu

Now that I know that I will be headed up to Winn Dixie to grab my turkey I browsed the whole ad. Since I will be there anyway, I wanted to see what else I could score at a good price.

Tips to Save Money on Your Thanksgiving Dinner Menu

Gravy is on sale, Cranberry Sauce, Cake Mix, Pumpkin (for my Pumpkin Dinner Rolls and Pumpkin Angel Food Cake – recipes below)…Perfect!

Tips to Save Money on Your Thanksgiving Dinner Menu

I was able to “clip” the deals I wanted, save them to my phone and have a nice list made in under 10 minutes. All from my phone. No need to search for the Winn Dixie ad or go online. No need for me to looks for a bunch of different ads from last Sunday’s newspaper (where is that anyway?!).

Tips to Save Money on Your Thanksgiving Dinner Menu

Flipp not only saved me time and money, but it is helping me save my sanity! One less thing to worry about is a wonderful thing. Now, if Flipp could just help clean my house for the big dinner that would be great (and come back once dinner is done!). I guess for now I will be happy with the saving of time and money…that is priceless after all. Especially this time of year!

While this post is sponsored by Flipp, all tips, opinions, and my love for saving time and money are my own!

Don’t have the Flipp app on your phone yet?

  • What?!  Don’t worry, it’s an easy thing to fix 🙂  Just download Flipp from the GooglePlay Store or from the AppStore for FREE

Need some inspiration for your Thanksgiving feast before you check out Flipp to make your grocery shopping list?

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41 thoughts on “Tips to Save Money on Your Thanksgiving Dinner Menu

  1. This is very helpful! I love saving money especially on holidays because we always have a lot of people cone by.

  2. I use this apps to load coupons and it is so much easier than clipping them and trying to remember to bring them with me. So helpful.

  3. The Flipp app sounds amazing. Wish I had a smartphone to take advantage of this wonderful app. I’ll let my friends know. Thanks for the info.

  4. I wouldn’t eat turkey if someone paid me. We usually have a beef tenderloin steak. It’s just the two of us, so we tend to splurge a bit on a holiday meal.

  5. This is great! Never heard of this app…and I need all the help I can get to save money. Thanks for sharing.

  6. This is nice, I wish I had my phone, it got thrown in the pool over the summer lol So me have to wait for another one, but I do love the sound of this app, will have to remember it.

  7. I love your tips. I have to plan carefully and assign dishes for others to bring as well. I normally have 21 for Thanksgiving and the, n any police officers that are working in the area. My son, daughter, and son in law are all police officers I feel for the ones working on Thanksgiving and they know they can stop by.

    1. That is awesome Jane! Thank you for your dedication to serving those that serve us! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours 🙂

  8. Being on a budget, having a large family, and then knowing companies coming. Holidays get a little tight. These are some really awesome tips.

  9. I am on a limited budget, so I need to get the best prices I can and this app will do that. Thanks for the info.

  10. Wow this is a great app for time saving and staying on budget. I will absolutely check this one out and thanks for the tip!

  11. Thanks for these tips, I use coupons some and with a really tight budget I love saving on the grocery bill. I know what I’m serving just getting it ready in time for my grandson who has to work that afternoon.

  12. Make your own to save money.Buy the produce,meats,and potatoes on the sale racks closer to the day.If you have to buy earlier,put all of it in a deep freeze!

  13. We save tons of money using coupons. Can’t imagine shopping without them! Anything that makes the process easier is a hit with me!

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