6 Easy Ways To Save On Grocery Shopping

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(Last Updated On: September 4, 2020)

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Ways to save on groceries

6 Easy Ways To Save On Grocery Shopping

I know that saving money on groceries can be hard, no one wants to spend a bunch of time prepping for what seems to be a few dollars in savings at the checkout.  Well, I am here to tell ya that saving money and eating healthy is easier than you think!

Here are my 6 Easy Tips To Help You Save On Grocery Shopping

Don’t Go To The Store Hungry

This one will get you spending more every time! If you walk into the store hungry, EVERYTHING ends up in your cart.

Make a List and Stick To It

If you run into the store just to grab the 1 – 2 items that you need for dinner that night, do you really just buy those few things? Or do you end up with a bunch of other things that you “thought” you may need as well? Those extra things can really add up monetarily!

Buy in Bulk/Stockpile

When items that your family uses on a regular basis are on sale (or BOGO) stock up! I am not talking about buying 100 of them, just buy enough to get you to the next sale. Most sales cycle every 4-6 weeks, so buy enough of that item to get you to the next sale. Your goal is to never have to buy something for full price.

Use Coupons

You can print coupons, get them from your local newspaper, and many stores even have online coupons available now. I know my favorite stores, Winn-Dixie, Target and Publix all have online coupons that you can redeem at the cash register.

Price Match

If your local store price matches with other local competitors – DO IT! I know Walmart participates in price matching. Basically, you are getting the cheaper price from one store at the store you are at. You will need to have the ad/proof of other price with you when doing this.

Plan Ahead

This is perhaps the most important one. If you don’t know what is on sale where, you will waste time driving from store to store chasing a deal. Or you will send too much money at one store when it was on sale at the store across the street.

Are you sitting there thinking “Gee, Tracy that all sounds great but who has the time to do all that?” Well, I have your next favorite app.

Yes, there is an app that is designed to help you save time and money.

So, now are you sitting there saying “Gee, Tracy, another app? Is this one of those that I have to upload receipts to and jump through hoops to get discounts?

And to which I will say NOPE.

Flipp is the essential food and grocery shopping app. It let’s you FLIP through all your local store ads on YOUR PHONE (or tablet!)

6 Easy Ways To Save On Grocery Shopping

You guys know that I love to cook, and eating healthy is very important to me, and I get asked all the time “Isn’t eating more healthy really hurt your budget?” Well, not if you know where the items you need are on sale!

Just download Flipp from the GooglePlay Store or from the AppStore for FREE and you are already on your way to an easier grocery shopping experience.  It only takes a moment to install.

Ways to save on grocery shopping

Not only does the app let you plan ahead, browse, search for specific items, search for a specific savings amount and it also lets you make your grocery shopping list directly on the app.

6 Easy Ways To Save On Grocery Shopping

Once you are in the store, you can easily check off items from your list to ensure you pick up everything they need (and also stick to your list!). No more writing a list on paper, then losing the piece of paper, then forgetting what you REALLY needed when you get to the store! I can almost guarantee that you will always have your phone with you. And if you have your phone with you, you have Flipp with you. If you have Flipp with you, you have your list, ads, and savings all at your fingertips.

6 Easy Ways To Save On Grocery Shopping

In fact, I just recently took the #FlippFoodChallenge. Just last weekend I was getting ready to head to the grocery store and I sat down for just a few moments with my phone and I planned my trip with the Flipp app. I was able to follow almost all my Tips For Saving On Groceries just by opening up the Flipp app!

I was able to Plan Ahead, and that in return allowed me to buy items on sale in bulk, organize my coupons, and make a list that I could stick to. Unfortunately the app doesn’t feed you, so I did head to the store after breakfast so I wasn’t hungry 😉  You will be surprised how far you can stretch your grocery budget with minimal effort.

Like to Menu Plan? Flipp can help you there too – just use that Search Function I mentioned (and pictured above) to search out the ingredients you need and it will let ya know where the best prices are.  Don’t forget to check out my delicious recipes for inspiration 😉

Ways to save on grocery shopping

Want to know what else is really cool? Flipp doesn’t just work on grocery ads – it has over 400 retailers!! So that means if you want to buy some furniture…or get ready for Black Friday Sales…you can do all that on Flipp too!

Be sure to check out Flipp on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date with all the FUN ways to help you save time and money.

While you are at it, check out Food Wine Sunshine on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram for more tips, healthy recipes, family fun and more.

What are some of your tips for saving on groceries?


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45 thoughts on “6 Easy Ways To Save On Grocery Shopping

  1. These are all great tips, and usually I do plan everything out but often I end up with a big mess loll, I usually end up with one of my grandchildren and then it turns into a party…

  2. These are really great tips & I usually follow them!! I do go on the store’s website that I am going to shop at and I usually find other/additional savings! Like Target has the, I think it is called the Cartwheel. Kmart also has points that you can use the next time you shop – ETC.

  3. Umm, I’m guessing you meant pantRy? I have what we fondly refer to as “the store”. The kids love to come over and go shopping…

  4. Excellent tips. I’m pretty good about following 1,2,3,4 and 6. I don’t have a smartphone/tablet so I can’t use that app.

  5. These are all great tips and I usually try to utilize all these when I shop. They really do make a difference.

  6. These are all such great tips! I try really hard to stick to my list, which is easiest to do when I leave my husband at home 🙂

  7. oh, that is ‘flippin’ smart! pun, totally intended! commence downloading! i find it so frustrating to have a list and a sales sheet in my hand and coupons and a kid in tow and it’s 105 degrees out. this would simplify my life. thanks so much for sharing.

  8. Thanks so much or the Fantastic Review on 6 Easy Ways To Save On Grocery Shopping! Your 6 Tips are terrific! I never go to the grocery store hungry, I learned my lesson on that one a long time ago! I keep a pad of paper in my kitchen for telephone messages and my grocery list. When I get low or run out of something, it goes right onto the grocery list. With money being tight, I know what I can spend and I make sure to get what’s on my list first and then if there is some left over, I may check out some other things for my pantry for later. I don’t have the type of cell phone to download apps or coupons onto. I also do not have a tablet. Every Thursday, I get the ads in the mail for the local grocery store. I sit down and go through the ads with my list and see which store has the most sales on what I need and that’s where I will shop. I get coupons from the newspapers and some online and go through my coupons as well with my list and pull the ones that I can use. I do the best that I can with the amount I have to spend. Thanks so much for sharing your fantastic review, the photos, and your personal and professional opinions on 6 Easy Ways To Save On Grocery Shopping with all of us! I truly do appreciate it! Thanks again!!! Michele 🙂

  9. Some cashiers are so picky and won’t give you the hardest time for coupons like its deaths end!!

  10. My tip would be to link up with facebook and web sites that list sales and coupon matchups for your favorite stores. I’m less likely to miss great deals.

  11. Thanks for the reminders. 🙂
    I do all except for…
    – apps (have an inexpensive phone which is not up to date)
    – Price matches. I feel guilty doing that and not confident enough I admit.

  12. You said it all here and this is a savings in bulk .I do try to buy most that way but with it just being me.. i keep it to toilet paper and laundry soap .litter and catfood is not a bad to keep up on ..I love saving and having fun trying to beat myself for the next month ..So many tips here i will try too ..thank you for the share

  13. Feeding a family of five, I’ve found for a lot of things we save money and it lasts longer if we buy in bulk from Sam’s Club. I love couponing, but our current options for grocery stores are very strict on their coupon policies, BUT we are getting a Meijers and I hear they are great for couponing and getting “cheap” groceries. I’ll have to check out this app. Every little bit adds up!

  14. This are great tips, thank you! I am a very frugal shopper and love to save money as much as I can! Some of these I am already familiar and doing and the others I will be sure and incorporate into my shopping. Thank you 🙂

  15. Great tips for grocery shopping. I have alot of coupons that I shop with and I usually try to stick to my list when shopping. Thanks for sharing this useful information.

  16. I always use coupons, but could do a better job sticking to the list! I’m a sucker for clearance items! These are good tips.

  17. These are all great ways to save on groceries. My tip is to wait for items to go on sale, everything goes on sale, just wait.

  18. Thank you for this article , i am a flyer hopper and a coupon user because i love saving money. With two small children you always want to save money here and there. This article was a great read!

  19. Those are good tips. I always keep a stockpile of items that we use daily. I have a room full of canned goods, paper products and toiletries. I went a bit overboard for a while. But, I don’t have to worry about running any time soon.

  20. great tips! i usually start with the protein and work out… that way i can find the most expensive thing on sale and supplement the remainder of the meal with the less pricey things like quinoa and veggies etc.

  21. I do most of the things you have on your list. I can’t believe I have never heard of the Flipp app before now. I will definitely be checking that out today! Thanks!

  22. I will be trying these! I always go shopping hungry, bad move as I end up buying even more snack food.Bad for me and my budget!

  23. These are great ideas. I use some now….. I will add more into my works with the budget, shopping and menu planning.

  24. All great suggestions. I always feel so lost if I don’t have a list and a list of the sale items!!

  25. Very helpful post! I like the Safeway app since you can customize offers for yourself. It saved me almost $50 last time I went.

  26. I love the tips and I also go during the week early in the morning mid week and get the bakery markdowns and meat markdowns

  27. Great advice! Shopping when you are hungry is the worst! Planning ahead is something we really try to do. I also try to stick to the outside perimeter of the store…to avoid the processed stuff that I do not need. I need to get better about using coupons. It really can save you a lot and help you stock pile when something is marked down low!

  28. I use all these tips – and I would say that being observant is also a good tip – I have noticed that one of my local stores routinely puts chicken breasts on sale about every 4 weeks – so….if I run out of chicken breasts after just 3 weeks, I don’t go get any – because I know they will be on sale in another week.

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