Summer Fitness Motivation Tips

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(Last Updated On: March 20, 2022)

Here are some summer fitness motivation tips to help you stay motivated this summer and stick to your workout routine!

Summer Fitness Motivation

Summer Fitness Motivation Tips

Fun Ways To Exercise This Summer and Beyond

Are you guilty of the Summer Slump?  I know you have been waiting months for the weather to get warm and beautiful outside so that you could get back into your regular workout routine.  Running outside, no more being worried about being cold and freezing when you step out of the car, enjoying the fresh air!

It’s great, right?

So great that you are outside gardening, swimming, playing with the kids, getting all those errands done, driving around with the windows down, getting the kids to summer camps, making meals with new fresh ingredients…so you are searching on Pinterest, cleaning the windows, cleaning out the car, oh the list goes on and on.

But where is the working out that you were looking forward to doing?

Yes, gardening, cutting the grass, and walking outdoors are all fabulous, but they don’t give you the cardio and strength training that you need!

Summer Fitness Motivation

I cut the grass last weekend and planted a TON of flowers, so I know you are sitting there going I worked my BUM off last weekend, that HAS to count as a workout!  And, yes, it is some burning calories, but you aren’t getting it all in.  You need the cardio, the heart-pumping aerobics, the repetition of the weights, you need to stick to your workout routine.

Staying motivated to exercise

Your routine is your routine.  I love to Run and go to Jazzercise.  Jazzercise totally compliments my running by giving me a full body workout and helping me build stamina for my long distance runs.

Losing weight and exercising is a big step towards getting healthy, looking better, and feeling sexy. If diet and exercise really get you down, start adding some fun ideas to your regiment. Weight loss can be fun!

Here are some healthy living tips you can try at home to up your exercise and eating healthy game:


Push-Ups work many muscles and can be done anywhere. Work your way up to doing 100 consecutive push-ups if you can.

Smaller Plates

Do you have a stack of salad plates in the cupboard that rarely get used? Start using them as your entrée plates. The less you have on your plate, the less you will eat. Even if you go back for seconds, you’ll end up eating less than if you piled up the food on one of your giant plates.

Surround Yourself with Blue

Studies have shown that the color blue tends to suppress appetite. Research has also shown that vibrant colors like red and orange stimulate the appetite. And what are McDonald’s’ main colors? So wear blue and eat off blue plates if you have them. Avoid those vibrant colors that will only serve to increase your appetite.

Play Twister

This is a fun and easy way to improve your flexibility and strength. Think of it as a fun and bizarre way to practice new and strange pilates and yoga poses.


Challenge your partner, roommate, or friends. See who can hula the longest. This is a low-intensity way to exercise more. It’s fun, easy, and entertaining. Do it during commercials or whenever the mood strikes you. If you don’t have one already, hula-hoops only cost a couple of dollars at most places that sell toys.

Skip the Movie and Dinner

Instead of eating buttered popcorn and sucking down a soda before a high-calorie dinner at a restaurant, consider a more creative date. Go for a hike and a picnic. Be entertained by nature and truly enjoy the company. Bring your own picnic lunch, and not only will you be saving and burning calories – but you’ll also be saving money.

Grow a Garden

By growing (and eating) your own vegetables, you’ll be getting good exercise and improving your diet. You’re more likely to eat vegetables if you just have to step into the back yard to buy them. This is a great way to squeeze in more exercise, eat healthier, and save money.  We have eggplant growing right now in our garden.

Get Rid of Your Office Chair

And replace it with a stability ball. You may get strange looks at first, but be confident in your reasons for getting rid of the office chair. Right away, you’ll notice your posture improves. And by sitting on a stability ball, you’ll burn lots more calories than you were in the old office chair. You’ll be surprised how quickly this can catch on with your co-workers.

Chore Races

Cleaning up the house is no fun. Make it more fun by racing. You can race yourself by setting a timer or stop-watch, or you can race your partner to see who can get his chore done first. By adding the element of speed, your body will be moving quickly, and you’ll inadvertently be getting exercise while getting the house picked up. What a fun way to multi-task!

More Steps Every Day

Strap on a pedometer (or turn on the steps counter on your phone) and try to do more steps every day. By creating this simple challenge, you’ll start moving more – which is the key to losing weight. Just like chore races, you can challenge yourself by beating your previous steps, or you can challenge a friend or co-worker to see who can get the most steps each day. Either way, make it fun and get moving!

The key to losing weight is eating less and moving more. Get creative, and you’ll be successful. It doesn’t have to be difficult and daunting. Use these creative and unique ways to lose more weight.

If you are looking for more simple exercises you can do at home, grab this free exercise printable and toss it on your refrigerator as a reminder.

Find the routine that you enjoy, that you will do, that you will CONTINUE to do.  That’s what will make it a routine.

I hope these Summer Fitness Motivation Tips help you this Summer and beyond!

If you want to check out Jazzercise, there are LOTS of locations that have babysitting that they offer for a small fee (some locations have it for FREE!) during certain classes, so don’t let the fact that the kids are home this summer stop you from going to classes or checking them out for the 1st time.

Find a Jazzercise Location Near You

Stay Motivated To Stick Your Workout Routine This Summer

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22 thoughts on “Summer Fitness Motivation Tips

  1. Great pics. I NEED to stay in good shape (and get in great shape) this summer as the heat and humidity makes it difficult for me to move around. Can’t go out in the sun though love going on walks.

  2. Thanks for the motivation. I’m walking every morning with my dog. Ya’ll have a good July!!

  3. I LOVE the shoes!! I need to exercise more & get new shoes! It is hard for me being disabled, but I have been trying to walk more. The heat is here is not helping either!!

  4. When I canโ€™t be bothered I usually just go and put on my workout stuff anyway. You feel guilty pretty quickly if you change out of workout stuff without actually working out!

  5. The sad thing is I love my workouts and my best friend is a trainer and I still struggle! I keep working on it though!

  6. Great Motivation. I’ve started walking 5 miles 3 days a week, yoga 2 days a week and arm weight training 2 days a week.

  7. Staying motivated at any time of the year is difficult but we are far more likely to con ourselves into believing we’ve ‘exercised our butts’ off as you rightly say during the summer months. It is too easy to think that the gardening we’ve just done is as beneficial to our bodies and calorie loss than the running we could have been doing

  8. I used to go to Jazzercise while I was in college. I didn’t know that it still exists. Thanks so much for posting this!

  9. This sounds like a fun way for me to get my exercise. I will be checking this out soon. Thank you so much for sharng

  10. I know it’s easy to get in the “summer slump” especially when it gets really hot outside and you don’t really want to be exercising in the heat; I usually try to do a little bit of exercise early in the morning when it’s not so hot out yet. Thanks for the tips!

  11. Staying motivated during the summer months is definitely a challenge for me. I need to stick to a routine but I find there are so many interruptions with vacations and visitors that it throws me off. I am looking forward to getting back to exercising this fall.

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