How To Make Labneh

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(Last Updated On: February 6, 2023)

What exactly is Labneh and how do you make homemade Labneh? Grab the tutorial and easy recipe for this delicious creamy homemade cheese that is prepped in minutes and only has 2 main ingredients! While this post is sponsored by Florida Dairy Farmers, all opinions and the recipe are my own.

how to make labneh

How To Make Labneh

Ok, so is your first question What is Labneh? It was mine! Florida Milk challenged me with making this deliciousness and I was 100% in once I saw what it was. I mean, creamy cheese….YES PLEASE. Oh, so that’s the short answer to your question What is Labneh, Labneh is a creamy cheese.

Labneh is a type of creamy cheese that is made from whole milk yogurt. It has a creamy texture and can be used in a variety of dishes, such as dips, spreads, and salads. It can also be eaten on its own as a snack. I especially love it with pita.

What is labneh

Labneh Key Ingredients

Whole Milk Yogurt

Most recipes you see will also have Za’atar spice, but I had a hard time finding it in stores (you can buy it online) so I used Everything Bagel Seasoning and I thought it was absolutely delicious. I also tossed in red pepper flakes, because if you know me, I love everything spicy. Oh and you’ll drizzle a little olive oil on top.

how to make the best labneh

What is the History of Labneh?

Labneh is thought to have originated in the Middle East. It has been a part of the Lebanese diet for centuries. In recent years, Labneh has become popular in other parts of the world, such as Europe and North America.

how to make the tastiest labneh

What are the Benefits of Eating Labneh?

Labneh is a good source of protein, calcium, and vitamin D. It also has a high concentration of probiotics, which are beneficial for gut health. Labneh is a versatile ingredient that can be used in a variety of dishes. It is a healthy and delicious way to add flavor and nutrients to your diet.

how to make easiest labneh

Tips for Making Labneh

Use full-fat yogurt for the best results.
You can use any type of cheesecloth, but a finer mesh will yield a smoother cheese.
If you want a sweeter cheese, add a touch honey to the mixture before adding it to the cheesecloth and straining.
Labneh can be eaten plain, or you can add your favorite herbs and spices.

best labneh appetizer with veggies

Is Labneh Hard to Make?

No, labneh is not hard to make…AT ALL. All you need is yogurt and salt. You can find these ingredients at your local grocery store, heck, you may have them in your house right now! The most time-consuming part of making labneh is straining the yogurt. However, this step is important in order to achieve the correct consistency. Once you’ve strained the yogurt, the rest of the process is easy.

making labneh with cheesecloth

And by straining, I am referring to the having the yogurt in the cheesecloth hanging in a bowl.

making labneh cheese with cheesecloth

You will see the moisture coming out almost immediately.

easy labneh

What’s the Difference Between Greek Yogurt and Labneh?

Greek yogurt and labneh are both strained yogurts. The difference is in the amount of time that they are strained. Greek yogurt is typically strained for a shorter period of time, which results in a thicker yogurt with a higher protein content. Labneh is strained for a longer period of time, which yields a creamier cheese with a lower protein content. Both Greek yogurt and labneh are healthy and delicious additions to any diet.

tasty labneh

Do You Serve Labneh Cold?

Labneh is most commonly served cold as a dip or appetizer, but it can also be served at room temperature or warmed up. Experiment with different serving temperatures to find what you like best. Labneh can be used like soft goat cheese on salads or pizzas…yum!

tasty labneh cheese recipe

Ok, so are you ready to make some homemade Labneh? Let’s do it! Here is how to make Labneh, be sure to Print It and Pin It so that you can make it again and again. Because, trust me, you will want to! It’s SOOOOOO good!

how to make labneh

Homemade Labneh

Creamy, delicious and easy to make! Labneh is homemade cheese that is made with just whole milk yogurt and salt. Serve with pita and veggies for a yummy appetizer.
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Course: Appetizer, dip, Snack
Cuisine: Mediterranean
Keyword: appetizers, cheese, dairy, easy appetizer, easy recipe
Prep Time: 2 minutes
Resting Time: 1 day
Calories: 553kcal
Author: Tracy



  • 32 oz Whole Milk Yogurt – It’s very important to use whole milk.
  • 3/4 teaspoon salt.
  • Za’atar spice – if you can’t find this use Everything Bagel Seasoning.
  • Olive oil.
  • Red Pepper Flakes if desired.


  • Pour the yogurt into a large bowl. Stir in salt.
  • Line another large bowl with a cheesecloth. I folded the cheesecloth in half, so that the yogurt will be placed over 2 layers. Make sure a large spoon can fit over the top of the bowl. You will be tying the cheesecloth with the yogurt in it to the spoon so that it is suspended above the bottom of the bowl. I know that sounds tricky, but it’s not 🙂
  • Pour the yogurt mixture into the cheesecloth.
  • Place a large spoon over the top of the bowl.
    how to make labneh
  • Bring the edges of the cheesecloth together, tie it around the wooden spoon.
  • The labneh will hang in the center of the bowl, but make sure it does not touch the bottom of the bowl. I actually had to switch bowls twice! I found that my 8-cup measuring bowl would have been the perfect option from the start.
    how to make labneh
  • Chill for 24 hours or at least overnight.
  • When ready to serve, place the labneh in a bowl and top with olive oil and seasonings.
  • Serve with fresh veggies, pita, and/or crackers for dipping.
  • Enjoy!


Labneh can be stored in the fridge for up to two weeks.


Calories: 553kcal | Carbohydrates: 42g | Protein: 31g | Fat: 29g | Saturated Fat: 19g | Polyunsaturated Fat: 1g | Monounsaturated Fat: 8g | Cholesterol: 118mg | Sodium: 2161mg | Potassium: 1407mg | Sugar: 42g | Vitamin A: 898IU | Vitamin C: 5mg | Calcium: 1099mg | Iron: 1mg
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I hope you enjoy Labneh as much as we do!


Try using labneh in some of your favorite recipes. You’ll love the creamy, tangy flavor!

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