What Is Florida Prepaid College Plans? + Promo Code

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What is Florida Prepaid College Plans? Find out and see how they can help you save money on the future. Plus, be sure to use Florida Prepaid Promo Code SAVING20 to save on your Florida Prepaid application. This post is sponsored by Florida Prepaid College Plans, through my role as a Believer Blogger. All thoughts are my own.

What is Florida Prepaid College Plans

What Is Florida Prepaid College Plans?


Florida Prepaid Plans Promo Code

If you have a child in your life, you have thought about the future. You have thought about schools and colleges. You have thought about how you were going to pay for college. And if you are a Florida resident, you should have thought about Florida Prepaid College Plans.

Actually, if you are a Florida resident you should do more than just think about Florida Prepaid College Plans, you should look into them. And the sooner the better.

Florida Prepaid College Plans Info

What is Florida Prepaid College Plans?

Florida Prepaid College Saving Plans allows you to lock in college pricing today. That means you actually can lock in college pricing for when your child attends college in 2030…or any year in between…or before or after.

You can open a Florida Prepaid College Saving Plan at just about anytime in your child’s life (as long as it’s during open enrollment), and the sooner you start the better. Once you enroll in a Florida Prepaid College Plan, this gives you the ability to lock in your child’s college prices and it gives you peace of mind that you are on your way to saving for the future. Use open enrollment code SAVING20 to save on your application fee.

Florida Prepaid Plans has a variety of plans available, from everything from a 1-year plan to a 4-year plan. This means that Florida Prepaid College Plans has a plan that can work with your budget. Plan prices start as low as $47/month!

Florida Prepaid College Plans promo code

How is Florida Prepaid Plans pricing lower than what it will be when my child goes to college?

Florida Prepaid College Saving Plan prices are lower than what college is expected to cost in the future. Plan payments are invested to make up the difference.

What if college tuition pricing goes up or down? What happens to the prepaid plan you bought?

Florida Prepaid pays the actual cost of college in the future, even if it is higher than what was projected, and the benefit you receive from a plan will never be less than the price you pay for it – you cannot lose money.

You can NOT lose your money.

Even if your child gets a scholarship.

Even if your child decides to not to go college.

Florida Prepaid promo code

So, what is Florida Prepaid College Plans?

It is a guaranteed investment in your child’s future.

There aren’t many things out there that are a guaranteed investment, in fact, I really can’t think of one. Besides the two prepaid plans I have for our kids.

Yes, I have plans for both my kids and they are both paid in full. I remember opening our first one about 13 years ago and while it was difficult trying to figure out how we were going to afford the payments, those payments are a lot less than the payment we would have had if we waited.

Don’t wait a moment longer, this is an easy decision to make, but you are running out of time.

Florida Prepaid Open Enrollment ends on May 31st.

Use Florida Prepaid Plans Open Enrollment Promo Code SAVING20 to save $50 on your application fee!

Florida Prepaid College Plans open enrollment

That means you only have a few more days to lock in the pricing.

Use Florida Prepaid College Savings Plan Promo Code SAVING20 to save on your application fee.

Florida Prepaid College Plans Details

Starting is Believing.

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