Vegetable Omelette Recipe

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(Last Updated On: August 9, 2019)

Vegetable Omelette Recipe

Vegetable Omelette Recipe

Do you like breakfast?  There have been times I have made breakfast for dinner 🙂  I have an easy and delicious veggie omelette recipe for you guys today – what ingredients do you like in yours?


Vegetable Omelette Recipe
Recipe Type: Breakfast
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Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
  • Fresh Mushrooms – cut into bit size pieces
  • Fresh tomatoes – cut into bit size pieces
  • Green Pepper – cut into bit size pieces
  • Egg Beaters or Eggs
  • Cheese – I used cheddar on my hubby’s and Gorgonzola in mine
  1. Saute your veggies in the pan until for 2-4 minutes (I still like my peppers a little crunchy)
  2. Add in egg whites (or whole eggs beaten if you prefer) – make sure there is enough egg to cover the bottom of the pan
  3. Use a spatula to gently pull back one side of the omelette while it cooks so that the uncooked egg can reach the bottom of the pan
  4. Once the bottom is cooked well, add in cheese
  5. Gently fold over half of the omelette
  6. Using your spatula gently press down to ensure that there is no raw egg left
  7. Gently slide the omelette onto plate
  8. Enjoy


Let me know if you try it! I love that it’s low-cal and full of protein!

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