34 Uses For Coconut Oil

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(Last Updated On: September 1, 2020)

Coconut Oil has many different uses, from cooking to hair treatments! Read on to discover 34 ways to use coconut oil. Did you know of all them?
Different Uses For Coconut Oil

34 Uses For Coconut Oil

I have been using coconut oil for cooking for quite some time now and I love it! And I knew that there were many more uses for coconut oil, but I didn’t realize just how many. I recently made Powerfoods Snack Bars and the recipe called for coconut oil, then I had a friend tell me that she puts coconut oil in her smoothies, and then I had another friend that she uses coconut oil around her eyes to help prevent wrinkles! So, I decided it was time to share a list that highlighted some fabulous ways and benefits of using coconut oil.

Uses For Coconut Oil

Benefits and Uses for Coconut Oil

  1. For Cooking – use it to replace olive oil and butter.  I especially love it in my seafood recipes and stir-fry
  2. Use as a salad dressing – melted
  3. Add to your coffee for flavor – this is an easy way to add more coconut oil to your daily diet
  4. Use in healthy powerfood snacks like Superfood Power Bars
  5. Add coconut oil into your smoothies and instantly make it a Power Smoothie
  6. Use it as an anti-aging facial moisturizer – I use a very small amount around my eyes, as all over my face tends to leave me a bit greasy
  7. Apply it directly to your body as a lotion – it will take a few to soak int your skin fully, so I don’t recommend getting dressed immediately
  8. Rub directly on age spots to help lighten
  9. Rub directly on skin to help prevent stretch marks during pregnancy
  10. Coconut Oil can be used as a mild sunscreen, it has a SPF 4
  11. Use coconut oil in homemade lotions, body butter (use with shea butter for the ultimate body butter!) soap, deodorant, shampoo, vapor rub, sugar scrubs, salt scrubs, natural bug repellent and chapstick recipes
  12. Use as a natural makeup remover
  13. Shave Oil – it will leave your skin silky smooth
  14. Massage oil
  15. Rub coconut oil directly on lips as a natural chapstick
  16. Rub into dry hair, put a shower cap on and leave for several hours and you have an intensive conditioner for your hair
  17. A very small amount rubbed on your hands and then through hair will help get rid of frizz
  18. Rub it on your cuticles to help nails grow
  19. Use it on your hands to help with dry skin
  20. Use it regularly on skin to help get rid of cellulite
  21. Rub onto elbows to help alleviate dry elbows
  22. Oil pulling with coconut oil helps improve gum health and can whiten teeth
  23. Add a tablespoon to hot tea to help speed up your recovery from cold and flu and to help soothe a sore throat
  24. Coconut Oil is an immediate source of energy
  25. It can boost hormone production when ingested daily
  26. Coconut oil can help boost circulation
  27. Coconut Oil has anti-inflammatory properties which can help lessen arthritis
  28. Coconut Oil has a high Lauric acid and MCFA content which helps boost metabolism
  29. When taken regularly, coconut oil can help with weight loss
  30. Use a small amount to help reduce the itch of mosquito bites
  31. Taking coconut oil daily may help with allergy symptoms
  32. Ingesting daily can increase mental alertness
  33. Some evidence even shows that the beneficial fats in coconut oil can help with depression and anxiety
  34. There is some evidence that regular ingestion of coconut oil can help prevent or reverse Alzheimers

Did you know there were so many uses for coconut oil? What do/will you use coconut oil for?  

Ways to Use Coconut Oil

Where to buy:

  • Look  for Better Body Foods products, including Coconut Oil, at your favorite retailers such as Walmart, Kroger and more, find a full list of retailers here
  • Online
  • Amazon.com

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29 thoughts on “34 Uses For Coconut Oil

  1. I’ve always enjoyed the use of coconut oil in cooking and skincare, but I didn’t know its aid in weight reduction and helping sore throats. Thank you!

  2. I love my coconut oil, its amazing how many uses you can get out of this oil, I know for myself I am still learning so much about this oil and loving it.

  3. I had no idea there were so many uses! I used it once to get rid of an inflammation that I was battling for 2 weeks on my arm and after using coconut oil, it was gone in 3 days! I am going to pass this along to my daughter.

  4. We use coconut oil all the time for cooking! But I’d really like to try it as an intensive conditioner for my hair! And oil pulling sounds crazy but I’ve heard such good things about it that I have to try it. Thanks for the ideas!

  5. I’ve been using coconut oil for awhile, but you gave me some new ideas. I never thought to put it in a smoothie, I was afraid the cold would thicken it up too much and it would become solid….but I’ll give it a try.

  6. I love coconut oil. I haven’t tried putting it in my coffee yet. It is a great overnight moisturizer.

  7. I have read before about some of these uses of Coconut Oil and have actually tried a few of them. A couple of my favorite uses is cooking of course, on my dry skin and as chap stick. Some of the ones on this list I haven’t not heard about and will be trying it.

  8. This was really interesting. I’ve never seen it on sale in Ireland, but then I do live in the middle of nowhere! Does it taste really oily though? I can’t bear oil on/in food, or butter, dairy spreads etc. It’s the texture, just turns my stomach! I can’t even watch cookery programmes, much as I love them as they drizzle oil over everything – ew!

  9. Guess what? I found some! It’s just being stocked in one of the supermarkets in town – yay!

  10. Thanks for the list! Never knew that there were so many uses for it. I especially like the one for removing makeup!

  11. I’ve actually never tried coconut oil but I’ve heard it has a looot of benefits, most you wouldn’t even expect! Thank you for this list, I’m going to try a few

  12. I certainly didn’t know or ever heard of coconut oil ,so I printed this out and I’m going to get me some and try it ! Much healthier than butter or reg oil

  13. So many great ways to use coconut oil that I didn’t know about. We also use it on our birds that are pluckers and don’t have a lot of feathers to help moisturize their skin.

  14. Hey Tracy,
    I have been using the Cold Pressed Coconut Oil for Oil pulling as it is known for its antibacterial properties and I have seen tremendous benefits, it has really improved my gum health.
    Thank you for sharing the information, I got to know a lot of uses of coconut oil today!

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