Thanksgiving Crafts & Games For Kids

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(Last Updated On: November 4, 2020)

Thanksgiving is coming and if you are looking for some easy Thanksgiving kids crafts and fun family games, look no further! Use these Thanksgiving crafts for decor and cherished memories!

Easy Thanksgiving Crafts For Kids

Thanksgiving Crafts & Games For Kids

Thanksgiving is a great time for families to get together and be thankful for their lives. Thanksgiving games can make this holiday fun for everybody.

According to the History Channel, Thanksgiving started in 1621. It was celebrated by the pilgrims as they struggled to make headway in settling America for their own needs. They celebrated by holding a large feast, including turkey, corn, potatoes, beets, and many other foods grown that time of the year. Thanksgiving has become a modern family tradition and is celebrated every year in America on the fourth Thursday in November. Many families get together this day, have huge feasts, and visit with each other for hours. There are many fun games available that can make a Thanksgiving celebration fun for kids and adults.

Popcorn relay races get everybody up and moving

A common myth about Thanksgiving states that Native Americans introduced the pilgrims to popcorn at the first Thanksgiving. While popcorn appears to have not been a menu item for the pilgrims, it can still be used as a great treat on Thanksgiving. It can also be used as a fun but messy Thanksgiving game that is appropriate, especially for children. However, it can also be fun for adults as well.

There should be at least two teams of four or five. The players on each team should be placed in a staggered formation between their bowls as equally as possible. Each team gets a large bowl filled with popcorn. These bowls are set on one side of the room, while an empty bowl of the same size is placed on the other. The teams must transport all of the popcorn to the empty bowl on the other side of the room. They can only use a small measuring cup. The first player passes the cup to the next player and so on until the last player dumps it into the empty bowl. The cup is passed back and forth until a team gets all their popcorn into the empty bowl. They win all the popcorn in the game.

Hand and foot turkeys make great decorations during Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving crafts can keep the children busy and entertained while the parents enjoy some conversation time. One of the easiest of all Thanksgiving crafts is the hand and foot Turkey. This craft requires construction paper, crayons, scissors, markers, and glue or tape. Children should only receive safety scissors, which have plastic guarding them from getting cut on the back edge of their scissors.

Children start by tracing both of their feet onto the construction paper. They cut it out and glue them together to make the turkey body. They should be glued together on top of each other with the heels facing opposite directions to give the body depth. They then trace multiple copies of their hands to glue behind the turkey. This serves as the turkey’s tail and should be full and multicolored. Two small orange feet should be glued to the bottom of the turkey to finish the body. Kids can finish the face by using white and black circles to make the eyes, orange triangles to make the mouth, and red paper to create the turkey beard. They can write their name or a Thanksgiving message on the turkey to hang on the wall.

Sharing thanks and fibs creates a fun and meaningful game

Another great game for Thanksgiving is Thanks and Fibs. This game is great for all ages but is especially fun for younger children. Everybody sits in a circle during this game. The starting player names one thing that they are thankful for that year. Players should tell a brief story about what it is and why it makes them thankful. They can tell a true story. They are thankful for state a “fib.”

Everybody in the circle votes on whether they think it is the truth or if it is a fib. If it is true, a point is awarded to the player who told the story as well as the voters who voted true. If it is a fib, only the players who voted fib get a vote. However, if it is a fib and every player voted it as true, the storytelling player earns five points.

Play continues one player at a time around the circle until every player has had a turn to tell a story. The game can continue indefinitely until players decide they want to stop. All the points are tallied up at the end, and the player with the most points wins a small prize, such as a pumpkin pie or something else appropriate for the season.

Fun Thanksgiving Crafts For Kids

Here are a few additional Thanksgiving crafts I found on Pinterest that I wanted to share with you all:

Thumbprint Turkey Craft

Thumbprint Turkey Craft

Turkey Paper Bag Craft

No Glue Turkey Paper Bag Craft

Thankful Pumpkin Craft

Thankful Pumpkin Craft

Thankful Turkey Craft

Thankful Turkey Craft

Pinecone Turkey Craft

Pinecone Turkey Craft

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Crafts and Games for Kids

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  1. i love the creativity of these crafts for kids. I’ll make sure to share them with my baby bro who has kids who would love these!

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  3. we have a tradition of doing crafts with kids as the food is cooking. it keeps them busy and not in everyone’s way and is a good way to make memories. Thank you for these ideas.


  5. What a lot of great things to keep my grandchildren busy. They will have so much fun. I love the pinecone turkeys.

  6. I love looking and doing crafts with my grandchildren , we just have so much fun, and I know we will have fun trying out that paperbag turkey 🙂

  7. The Pinecone Turkey craft is a very clever idea to do with my grandchildren when they come and visit me tomorrow. I am sure it will keep them very busy! Thanks.

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