A Day In The Life Of Weight Watchers®

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Ever wonder what a day in the life of Weight Watchers® looks like?  It’s an easy, healthy lifestyle that you will love being a part of. This post was sponsored by Weight Watchers International, Inc. as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

A Day In The Life Of Weight Watchers

What is Weight Watchers like?

Diet. Did you cringe? The word DIET has so many negative thoughts that go along with it. I automatically think of things that I can’t eat, or foods that I won’t like because they have no flavor, or that I will be hungry ALL THE TIME. That’s exciting why I don’t believe in diets. I believe in a healthy lifestyle. I believe in making healthy choices that are good for me, my body, and for my family. I believe in eating (right) when I am hungry, I believe that food it meant to be enjoyed, I believe in being active. I believe in a healthy lifestyle, I believe in Weight Watchers®.

Weight Watchers believes in a healthy lifestyle as well. And they believe in making it as easy for us to follow as possible. So easy in fact, the Weight Watchers Freestyle™ program offers more than 200 zero Points foods—including eggs, skinless chicken breast, fish and seafood, corn, beans, peas, and so much more. Just think how that increases your meal possibilities! And it makes your healthy lifestyle easier too because you don’t have to weigh measure or track those zero Points foods. Plus, you can get quite a few Weight Watchers endorsed products right at Walmart. Right now I have the Flatout® Flatbread, JOLLY TIME® Healthy Pop® Popcorn and Weight Watchers® Ice Cream Novelties all on hand at my house, so I thought I would share A Day In The Life Of Weight Watchers with you all so you can see how easy a healthy lifestyle can be…and delicious 🙂

5 SmartPoints BreakfastAvocado Tomato Egg Breakfast Sandwich on Arnold® Sandwich Thins rolls endorsed by Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers Freestyle Program

6 SmartPoints Lunch – Turkey Apple Cucumber Wrap – Light Italian Herb Flatout Flatbread (2 SmartPoints) with 2 oz Oscar Mayer Blackened Turkey Breast (1 SmartPoint), half apple sliced thin and thinly sliced cucumber (0 SmartPoints), and 2 tablespoons of light cream cheese (3 SmartPoints)

Weight Watchers Zero points foods

3 SmartPoints Midday Snack – JOLLY TIME® Healthy Pop® Kettle Corn Popcorn – Mini Bag

4 SmartPoints Dinner – Baked Chicken marinaded in lemon juice and lightly seasoned with steamed broccoli and cauliflower and 1 cup quinoa.  The chicken and veggies are ZERO POINTS, the quinoa is 4 points.

Weight Watchers program details

4 SmartPoints Dessert – English Toffee Weight Watchers® Ice Cream Novelties

Total Weight Watcher SmartPoints Used In One Day = 22 SmartPoints

Now, this is just an example of a day in the life of Weight Watchers can look like, but when you are using the new Freestyle™ program with zero Points® foods and the Weight Watchers® products make choosing what you eat a lot easier. There are so many smart options and flexibility to enjoy more delicious recipes and foods to help us reach our goals.

Weight Watchers meal options

I love that Weight Watchers® provides me with smart options to help me on my healthier life journey. Because it is a journey, a wonderful one.

Many people who start a new diet or healthy eating plan, or decide to get back on track with an old diet, tend to do so on Monday. What is the big deal about Monday?

Monday is the start of the workweek. It is also the most popular day to start a new diet or get back on track with an old one. In the world of diets and exercise, Monday is synonymous with a new beginning. It is the day your health slate is wiped clean, and you get a chance to be the healthy, slimmer person you’ve always wanted to be. Monday is the day that almost everyone succeeds in following their new diet and exercise plan. It is the day that your motivation and determination are strong when even your co-worker’s birthday cake cannot tempt you to stray from your new commitment.

Tuesday Brings a Weaker Willpower

Tuesday is a whole other story. Tuesday is the day you pack five extra grapes for your lunch instead of the ten allowed by your diet program. Grapes are zero calories anyway 😉 Tuesday is the day you start to wonder if you can skip the grapes and have a small piece of the leftover birthday cake in the refrigerator at work. If it’s the same amount of calories, does it really matter? For some, this does not happen until Wednesday or Thursday. On rare occasions, when someone is young, fresh, and perhaps taking an appetite suppressant, this does not happen until a few weeks after the start of a new diet. But eventually, everyone falls off the diet. That’s why you have to choose a healthy lifestyle.

Diets are Hard!

Diets are hard. It doesn’t matter what diet you are trying to follow. They are all hard. If you are the type of person who is looking for an easy way to lose weight, you might as well give up now. There is no such thing. The good news is that it doesn’t matter what diet you choose to follow. They all work as long as you follow them. But that’s the catch. You have to follow the diet in order to succeed at losing weight. So how does anyone succeed at losing weight if everyone eventually falls off the diet?

What is the Secret to Weight Loss Success?

The only difference between someone who succeeds in losing weight and someone who does not is that the person who succeeds never gives up. They never stop trying. People who succeed at losing weight will have many slips and falls along the way, whether it is a few extra grapes for lunch or a big piece of their co-worker’s birthday cake. But when that happens, the successful dieter gets back on the diet program that same day. For a successful dieter, every day is Monday, and every meal is a chance to start anew. A successful dieter does not see the slip as an end to the diet or as an excuse to eat whatever they want for the rest of the day or the rest of the week until Monday comes again. A successful dieter views every meal as a chance to succeed, as a fresh start and a clean slate.

Make Every Day Your Monday!

If you want to lose weight, start right now at your very next meal. Do not wait until Monday. Make every day your Monday. View every meal as a chance to succeed. Forgive yourself for any slips or falls along the way and get right back on your program. You will succeed if you persevere. You will succeed as long as you do not give up.

Find Weight Watchers endorsed products at a Walmart near you or online

Weight Watcher approved products

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Have you ever wondered what a day in the life of Weight Watchers looked like?

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  1. Very interesting post! I did good with my resolution for a few weeks and have fallen away from eating right. I know that a program like this would help me stay motivated. Thanks for sharing and making it look interesting…and tasty!

    1. Resolutions are indeed hard to keep, I hope this helps you realize that staying on track can be easier than you think 🙂

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