Fall Sports Preparation Tips For Parents

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This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #SparkleWithGain #ILoveGain #CollectiveBias  These Sports Preparation Tips will help kids and parents get ready for the upcoming sports season.

Fall Sports Preparation Tips For Parents

Fall Sports Preparation Tips For Parents

Summer is officially over, school is back in session and parents’ schedules are about to get a bit crazier with the start of homework and fall sports. My son will be starting baseball and my daughter will be a junior coach with Girls On The Run. I love that they are involved in sports, it encourages health and exercise, team work, friendship, time management and more skills that will help them throughout life. But, it means will I be running around from location to location several days a week and on weekends, so I wanted to share a few tips to help all the parents out there get ready for the start of fall sports.

Sports Preparation Tips For Parents

7 Fall Sports Preparation Tips For Parents:

Research – What Fall Sports are available in your area? We live in Florida and baseball is played all year, where for some it may be just a sport played in the Spring. Let your child tell you what sport they are interested in, and be sure to encourage them to try something new if they would like.

Get a sports physical – Most schools will require a sports physical and recreation centers will definitely ask about it. Plus, it’s not a bad idea to make sure your child has a physical to make sure they are ready to play!

Register – Once your child(ren) has picked the sport(s) don’t forget to register them! Don’t miss the deadlines, you can run into additional fees or not being able to sign up at all.

Get into the routine early – Sports schedules will really switch up your days! Especially if you have more than one child. Get into the routine before the sports actually start. Discuss when homework and chores will be done, discuss bedtimes, get your meal plans ready, and be ready for all that extra laundry! I know I will be doing a lot of running around, but the kids will be doing a lot running. And that means a lot more stinky, sweaty clothes, which is why I have already stocked up on Gain flings!™ laundry pods in the Fresh Water Sparkle™ scent, NEW Gain fireworks!™ in-wash scent booster in Fresh Water Sparkle™ scent and Fresh Water Sparkle™ Gain Dryer Sheets at Dollar General. Fresh Water Sparkle™ scented Gain products are EXCLUSIVE to Dollar General stores, I love the price and the fact that I smell that fresh water scent instead of that teenager stink ๐Ÿ˜‰

Get you child’s equipment – Look into what they may need before they walk onto the field for the first time. Does your son need a cup? How about a chest protector? Are socks included in your registration fee? Do they need new running shoes?

Practice – Have your child practice before the actual first practice. If they are playing soccer they can kick the ball in the backyard, or even against the house! If they are playing baseball, get those swings in, work on batting stance, play catch! You may have to get out there with them…don’t worry though, it’s good exercise for you too.

Be supportive – As a parent, your child looks up to you. It’s your job to be supportive, show  encouragement and help them any way you can. Remember, sports are a lot of work and a big commitment, but they are supposed to be fun too.

Sports Mom Essentials

I know I mentioned above that I stock my laundry room with Fresh Water Sparkle™ scented Gain products that are EXCLUSIVE to Dollar General stores. With two teenagers, I much prefer the Fresh Water Sparkle™ Scent to the sports stink that follows the kiddos to the car after every single practice and game. Washing our clothes never smelled so good! I like having the Gain flings!™ laundry pods, Gain fireworks!™ in-wash scent booster and Gain Dryer Sheets because they are all easy to use, as the kids get older, it’s convenient to have easy-to-use options on hand!

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How to prepare for Fall Sports

What are some of your Fall Sports Preparation Tips?

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Fall Sports Preparation for parents

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