10 Must Haves for First Time Parents

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(Last Updated On: June 25, 2019)

Becoming a parent for the first time is not only exciting, but scary! There are many things to prepare for, so I am sharing these 10 Must Haves for First Time Parents to help. Congratulations on your new bundle of joy!

10 Must Haves for First Time Parents

10 Must Haves for First Time Parents

Being a first time parents is not only exciting and scary, but it can be overwhelming!  There are so many articles out there to read and products to purchase it can make your head spin!  So, when my brother-in-law and his wife had their first bundle of joy I thought it would be great share some of their must-haves!

The article below is written by Hannah.

As a first time mom and a nurse, I am always looking for products that are safe, yet make my life easier. As with any new first time parents, we are always looking for products that we feel good about using with our children yet help us get thru our very busy days, and if they can help our day to day easier then I am all for it! So I have made a list of some of my must haves for anyone weather you are a first time mommy or a mother of multiple.

Here are my 10 Must Haves for First Time Parents:

Nuroo 3-in 1 Swaddler

There are a TON of different types of swaddlers out there on the market today but, after myself trying many different ones to find the best I have found this Nuroo Swaddler and have fallen in LOVE with it. I love the material! It has a nice breathable material to help so the little ones don’t overheat. Also this one has different stages, has three sizes in one swaddle! It can fit your new bundle of joy up to 28 inches!! Plus, it is machine washable.

Must Haves for First Time Parents

Sun Smarties Shades

Now these little sun glasses are AMAZING!!! I just love love love these!!! These little sunglasses are practical and easy to use. I love how they have a soft stretchy head strap to help keep them on that you can adjust to fit your little ones head. They block 100% of UV rays and are shatter resistant and is pediatrician recommended, and come in sizes for infant to 5yr olds. Can’t get much better then that! My husband and I love being outdoors and riding on our ATVs so having good eye protection that is comfortable and safe for my little one to wear is perfect!

Tips for First Time Parents


This PreSpoon is a great product for little ones trying to teach themselves to eat without using a difficult spoon. I love its end is shaped like a honey comb dipper and the food will attach to the spoon and stay at any angle you dip it into the food. All your little one needs to know how to do it dip it into their food! It is dishwasher safe and is BPA & phthalate free and 100% FDA approved silicone. So for every parent out there, we can feel at ease using this product. My daughter is just starting solid foods this is going to be a great product for her to continue to learn to help feed herself.

Best Tips for First Time Parents

Safe and Dry Hands Free Towel

You all know that your little ones are very slippery when they come out of the tub and after each bath time you are always a bit nervous transferring them out of the bath to their towel. So when I found the safe and dry hands free towel I fell in love. It actually velcros around your neck and is like a large apron. It has a large area to wrap your little one up in and even a place to put there little wet head into. I love this especially for my husband as well who also gets a little nervous taking her out of the tub, so this was a great find and will continue to use it time and time again!!!!

First Time Parents Must Haves

Where’s My Bone Soft Book

This is a great soft book for on the go travel or just any day at home. It has six different pages to introduce your little one to use their fine motor skills, and to learn and feel different kinds of textures throughout the book. It is a great book for interaction and play with your child. My daughter loves all the colors of the book and all the different textures on the pages. Her eyes get all big and excited while playing with it. as a mommy I love to see when she gets excited and happy when shes introduced to new toys. You can just see in her little blue eyes that there is a lot of wonder and thinking going on, and I LOVE to see that with this soft book.

First Time Parents Tips

Activity Play Gym

As any new moms know, it always feels like we take the whole house with us when we go places to make sure we have EVERYTHING we could possible need for our little ones, and when I seen this activity play gym it was a perfect addition, it is light weight easy to assemble and comes with a perfect storage bag to easy travel. I love not having to lug around my big bulky other toys! My daughter loves all the bright colors and the rattle toys it comes with. GREAT ADDITION!!

Baby Sling

This is definitely one of my favorite new mommy products!! It is light weight and very comfortable to wear, and my daughter since the first week she was home LOVES LOVES IT!!!! I take it EVERYWHERE with me, never leave the house without it. It’s a great thing to have when your little one just wants to be held and you have a MILLION things to do, I just strap her in and get busy doing my work, and she’s happy so that makes this momma very happy too!!

The Gigglebellies Musical Adventures DVD

My daughter absolutely LOVES these DVDs, she could watch and watch them all day if I would let her. They are a great musical DVD of childhood songs with great twists to the songs and AMAZING graphics, colors and animation. It grabs my daughters attention EVERY TIME and always puts a HUGE smile on her face and would recommend this to anyone!! They have 3 DVDs in all.

AngelCare Video Monitor

I would consider this the cat’s meow when it comes to video monitors!! It has both day and night vision, two way talk, a zoom lens, and has a temperature reading to let you know the baby’s bedroom temperature, sensor pad, and much more amazing options. My husband and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE LOVE this baby video monitor and have been using since day one when we brought our daughter home from the hospital, whether it be when shes napping or when she at bed at night we always have it on and it lets us keep a very close eye on her, which is a MAJOR MUST FOR US!!!

Wubbanub Pacifier

This is the best pacifier on the MARKET in my opinion!! It is great for travel home or anywhere, what I LOVE most about it is that it is attached to a adorable little stuff animal and it helps keep the pacifier close, and help keep it off the ground, and my daughter now can put her pacifier in and out of her mouth with the ease of the stuff animal attached to it! No more searching for a lost pacifier or having to clean it multiple times because it has fallen out of their mouth and onto the ground. Every PARENT, needs to go out and get one today!!!

Must Haves for Parents

So, for all you new mommies and daddies out there, be sure check out these awesome products. They have helped make my new crazy life just a little bit easier, and knowing they are safe for my little one, and reasonably priced makes them even better!!

What are your First Time Parent Must Haves?

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  1. I’m so glad that those days are long over with. Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids. I’m just at an age where they’re adults with their own families. I’m relaxing now.

  2. One of our must-haves ended up being a swing/bouncer combo – it was a lifesaver for soothing our colicky baby.

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