How To Choose The Right Yoga Class

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Ready to start practicing yoga? Yoga is not only good for your body, but your mind. It may be confusing or intimidating trying to choose the right yoga class, let me help you.

How To Choose The Right Yoga Class

How To Choose The Right Yoga Class

So, you are ready to choose a yoga class. You have read about the benefits of yoga and you have done some research on the different types of yoga and you are ready to see what yoga can do for you. Yoga is an excellent for your body and your mind, it is a challenging and beautiful form of exercise and meditation that has been practiced for centuries by all ages.

Before you walk into the yoga studio, be sure to research the classes that are offered. I am sure you will ask your friends and family what type of yoga classes they go to, or what studio is their favorite. And each person you ask will probably have a different answer. What is important is keeping your physical or spiritual goals in mind when looking for a new studio and class. If you Google yoga classes in your area, you will probably find a bunch. Due to the popularity of this type of fitness, yoga classes seem to be popping up in every gym, community center and even outdoor spaces. This actually gives you a fantastic opportunity to give yoga a try. Choosing the right class for you will take just a little patience. You may have to try a few different studios before you find the yoga class that is right for you.

When picking a yoga instructor for any learning experience, it is always advantageous to ask questions. While you are choosing your new class, consider talking to the instructor prior to joining the class, either give the studio a call, reach out on social media or send an email.

Here are three questions to ask your potentially new yoga instructor:

How long have you been teaching yoga?

Seems like an obvious question, but it’s always a good idea to find out if they are a professional instructor or if she has just recently joined the ranks of yoga teachers. Make sure that they has experience with your chosen style of yoga. Let them know why you are considering joining the class. Explain to the instructor that your goal is weight-loss, relaxation, to increase flexibility, or to simply try something new. By telling the instructor what you hope to gain from the class, they will also know what to expect from you. They can also let you know if they think the class matches your goals. The Yoga Alliance recommends that all instructors have at least 200 hours of training prior to teaching. If she does not meet these minimum standards, it might be time to search for another class.

How many people are typically in your yoga classes?

Learning complicated poses in a class of fifty students can be intimidating and hard. How will you get the attention you need if there are fifty other students? Is everyone else in the class more advanced than you are? If so, how will you keep up with the class? Large classes might make you feel a little more comfortable if you are the type to blend into the background, but may be harder to learn in. Small classes give the instructor more time to concentrate on each individual student. Choosing a smaller class might give you the results you are looking for, at a much faster rate.

Do you actively practicing yoga outside of the studio?

Yoga instructors should have a love of the discipline. If the instructor is into yoga purely to create a financial income, he or she is less likely to combine both the spiritual and physical aspects of yoga into a class. To get the full benefit of yogic poses, the teacher must explain each step of the pose. Many poses include positions which stimulate the body and the mind. An excellent instructor understands the poses and explains them to the class. The more they practice yoga, the better they become at understanding yogic principles.

How To Choose The Best Yoga Class for you

Most yoga studios will offer a free class to new students, be sure to take advantage of this. This will give you the opportunity to experience first hand if that particular yoga class and instructor aligns with your physical and spiritual goals. You will see how the instructor handles the class. Even someone who practices yoga on a daily basis might not be adept at teaching the skills. This applies to life in general, doesn’t it? Just because you are good at something, doesn’t automatically make you a good teacher. A good teacher will build a relationship with each student and ask you your goals and do their best to help you achieve them. Yoga is not only a physical pursuit; it affects the mind, as well. Having a teacher that you can trust is a wonderful way to begin the practice of yoga. This will make you more comfortable in class and will keep you coming back.

Choosing The Right Yoga Class

Do you practice yoga? How did you choose the yoga class that what right for you?

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