Free Tutoring Service In Hillsborough County Florida

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(Last Updated On: October 27, 2021)

Because all parents and students need help with schoolwork. Learn about Paper. Paper is a free online tutoring service that gives students help where and when they need it. While This post is sponsored by Paper, my need as a parent to offer my children an online resource for help with homework and studies is my own.

Free Tutoring Service In Hillsborough County Florida

Free Tutoring Service In Hillsborough County Florida

Hi, mom of two kids in high school here. Another way to say that is…Mom that doesn’t have the ability to help with homework anymore. And if I’m being honest I haven’t been able to help with homework in YEARS. My son is in pre-calculus. My daughter is in Geometry. So, go ahead and do the math…if my kids are in high school, that means I haven’t done that type of school work in 20+ years…Yeah, that’s all you’re getting there ๐Ÿ˜‰

So, what happens when they come to me with questions about Spanish homework (I don’t speak Spanish, I really wish I did though!) or when they want me to proof their paper for Lit class. Um, well, most of the time I tell them to Google it. Don’t get me wrong, I can read a Lit paper with the best of them, but if you haven’t guessed from my writing, I’m not always 100% grammatically correct.

Free Tutoring Service In Hillsborough County

Do I need to hire tutors to help the kids? No. At least I don’t think so. Both kids are in honors classes with GPAs over 4.0. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t need help. It doesn’t mean that they don’t get homework. It doesn’t mean that they don’t have questions. It doesn’t mean that they both don’t have a subject (or two…or three) that they struggle with. What it means is that when they do need help we have a harder time finding it. Teachers aren’t available 24/7, and they shouldn’t be! They work hard, seriously, I have two really good friends that are teachers and they put their hearts and souls into what they do. Teachers give their students everything they possibly can. And they can’t work 24/7, even though us parents sometimes wish they did. Teachers need a break too…and if anyone deserves one, teachers do!

Free Tutoring Service In Florida

But sometimes, students need more. Sometimes my kids need help. And as a parent, I just can’t give it to them.

Unless I lived in Hillsborough County.


Well, I live in Pasco County and I am patiently waiting for Paper.


Yes, Paper.

Free Online Tutoring Service

What is Paper?

Paper is an online Educational Support System. What does that mean exactly? Students receive unlimited, 24/7 on demand live help from Paper tutors—typically within 15 seconds of requesting it. Tutors deliver homework help, writing feedback and study support. Students are intelligently paired with specialized tutors based on the topic area of inquiry. You read that right, your child could receive help within 15 seconds of asking! So, instead of saying “Google it” you can say “Paper it” and you would feel more confident on the answers your child is receiving. And, your child will actually be getting live help, like from a real person! How amazing is that?!

If you have a child in 6th grade and above in Hillsborough County, your child ALREADY has access to Paper 24 hours a day 7 days a week. There are over 200 Academic topics that are tutored by specialists that can speak four different languages. So, it’s almost a guarantee that no matter what your child has a question about, someone at Paper can help.

Have a question on homework? Ask Paper. Not sure about that Lit paper? Ask Paper to proof it. Worried about that science report? Ask Paper. Think of Paper’s tutors as virtual teaching assistants.

Ok, now the question you all really want to know…how much is Paper? Because, let’s be honest, if we all had the money for a private tutor for our kids, we would totally do it.

Paper is FREE. 100% FREE. It’s paid for by school districts. That means us as parents pay NOTHING.

Free Online Tutoring Service in Florida

Where is Paper available?

Well, that kinda goes back to my comment above about Hillsborough County. Paper is available in Hillsborough County Florida right now (as well as many other counties across the US) and I am patiently waiting for it to get approved here in Pasco County. Because like all the other parents out there that are navigating school work again, I need some help for the kids sometimes!

Free Online Tutoring Service in Hillsborough County Florida

So, if you live in Hillsborough County, check out Paper now! Have the kiddos go online and check them out too. It’s a 100% FREE service to you and your children. Take advantage of it!

Learn how Paper can assist  Administrators, Teachers and Students.

Free Online Tutoring Service in Hillsborough County

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