Five Reasons to Sign Your Kids Up for Soccer

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Five Reasons to Sign Your Kids Up for Soccer

I have told you guys before that both of my kids play soccer, and actually my husband has coached them for several seasons!  Soccer is definitely a fun sport!

The 2014 World Cup may be over, but soccer has never been more popular in the US. Although we’re known for our baseball and football obsession, this past World Cup showed record-breaking numbers of American audiences watching the soccer games, even ones where the US team didn’t play, such as the “Weltmeister” German team’s demolition of Brazil’s team in the 7-1 semifinal match. Players like US goalie Tim Howard are now household names and considered heroes to countless American children aspiring to play soccer in the international arena someday. Whether you have sons or daughters (FIFA’s women’s World Cup will take place in Canada next year), now is the time to get them involved in soccer, because…

It’s Great Exercise

The childhood obesity epidemic isn’t solely limited to American children, nor is it only caused by poor school lunch nutritional quality. Exercise plays a major role in both the physical and mental health of children and adults, and it is especially crucial to encourage children to make exercising a regular habit. What better way to do this than signing them up for a soccer camp or a recreational team? There will be plenty of running, stretching, kicking, and ball dribbling, and there’s enough variety in practice and game settings to make dreaded activities like running seem like fun.

It’s a Productive Outlet

American children spend much more time in front of screens than any other generation before them. Spending too much time playing games, watching TV, or surfing the web can have detrimental effects on their physical and mental health, such as obesity, concentration problems, poor eye vision, insomnia, and more. Rather than take away all of their electronics, encouraging your kids to spend time outdoors by going to soccer practices and games will not only give them something fun to do outside of the house, but also keep them busy on weekends when they might otherwise want to spend all day on their gaming consoles or Netflix binging.

It Helps Kids Make Friends, Learn Teamwork

Team sports are wonderful for building friendships because it brings together kids of similar ages who enjoy the same sport. Soccer is fantastic for making friends because they not only get to see their teammates on a regular basis but they can make friends from other teams at competitive games as well. Soccer also teaches teamwork; if you don’t communicate wit each other, the other team will get the ball and score, so working together is the only way to win the game.

It’s Relatively Inexpensive

Whereas competitive football and cheerleading costs parents thousands of dollars for equipment, traveling, and other expenses, soccer is relatively cheap compared to other sports. Sure, your child will need a ball to practice with at home, a durable pair of cleats, shin guards, and long socks, but all of this can be bought for as little as $70 if you compare prices prior to purchasing. Check your local sports stores for deals, go online to Amazon for already low prices, or check out SumoCoupon for coupons on sports gear and attire. Soccer training sessions/camps, team fees, and uniforms will cost extra (if your child intends to compete), but the costs are still incredibly low compared to many other sports.

It Inspires Lifelong Fitness

Last but not least, getting involved in soccer from a young age can inspire your kids to stay fit for the rest of their lives. Staying in shape from soccer practices and games will boost their energy and increase their metabolism, amongst the many other health benefits that come from being involved in sports, particularly a fast-paced one like soccer.

What is your child’s favorite sport?  Have they played soccer before?


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