Why Buy A Real Christmas Tree

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Why buy a real Christmas tree? Yes, they do smell amazing, but there are other reasons too! Read on to see why you should consider having a real Christmas tree this year.

Buy A Real Christmas Tree

Why Buy A Real Christmas Tree

Should you buy a real or fake Christmas tree? I am sure there are good reasons supporting either side, but we are huge real Christmas tree fans in our house. In fact, each year we buy three. Sometimes four. We like to have one big Christmas tree in the front room, our “Charlie Brown” tree for the TV room, and then the kids like to get two small ones for their rooms. There is just something about the smell of a real Christmas tree that is just magical. If you’re thinking about buying a real Christmas tree this year but still in debate mode, then read on to learn about the some of the benefits of buying a real Christmas tree.

Benefits to Buying A Real Christmas Tree

The Benefits of Buying a Real Christmas Tree

It’s A Fun Experience

It’s so much fun to head to your local Christmas tree farm to pick the best real Christmas tree. If you don’t have a Christmas Tree Farm close, many of the local churches and home improvement stores usually have them shipped in from the northern states. Deciding on the needle type, looking at the shapes, and smelling the Christmas trees are all part of the magic that goes with Christmas. Turn it into a family tradition! My family up in Michigan go on a Christmas Tree Hunt every year, each year the pick a Christmas Tree Farm and everyone goes together to find the perfect tree! They start the day at my mom’s with a huge brunch then all follow each other to the tree farm where they look for their trees, enjoy hot cocoa, take lots and lots of pictures and create memories. My husband and I actually head to North Carolina every year to get our trees. The trees are planted on a side of a mountain and the kids just love climbing it to find the ones that will come home with us. The tree farm serves cocoa and cookies and Santa is always there the weekend of Thanksgiving. Again, it’s our tradition and as a parent, I cherish the memories we are creating.

You are Supporting the Environment

Trees suck up the chemicals in our air to remit fresh oxygen for us to breathe. Christmas tree farms help our soil be richer, and provide a place for wildlife to flourish with every new Christmas tree they grow on their farm. Every time you buy a real Christmas tree, you’re supporting the farmers who are a huge part of keeping our air fresh and wildlife happy.

Real Christmas Trees Are Renewable & Recycleable

Most Christmas tree farmers plant up to three seeds for every one real Christmas tree sold. Artificial trees are usually made out of the country, made of plastic and can stay in landfills for many years as they’re primarily made from non-renewable products. Real Christmas trees provide food and shelter for wildlife thus making it a renewal option. I know our neighborhood actually recycles them into mulch for the local playgrounds.

Supporting Employment

With over 15,000 real Christmas tree farms all over the United States, you’re supporting employment for people who work on these farms all year round. Christmas tree farms employ around 100,000 full and part-time workers year-round. This means you can feel good about buying a real Christmas tree this year because you’re supporting another family’s income.

Fewer Pesticides

Most Christmas tree farms who grow organic trees use a minuscule amount of pesticides, thus reducing the non-organic matter being put into your home and into the atmosphere. A lot of artificial trees are made in other countries and you will find they’re made of non-organic materials that are harmful to your family and our environment. You can feel guilt-free knowing that buying a real Christmas tree supports our environment and the economy.

Reasons to Buy A Real Christmas Tree

So head out and buy a real Christmas tree this year! I hope you see the benefits of buying a real Christmas tree and are inspired to get out and plan a trip to your local Christmas tree farm this year. Buying a real Christmas tree is simply more fun for the family, better for the environment, and helps to employ workers all over the United States. Plus, you get to enjoy that fresh Christmas tree scent filling your home all holiday season long.

Why Buy A Real Christmas Tree

Do you get a real Christmas tree? What is one of your favorite Christmas traditions?

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