12 Beach Must Haves

If you love going to the beach, you have to check out these Beach Must Haves!  Make your visit to the beach perfect with these Beach Must Haves.  While this post is sponsored, All sun-loving, beach-going opinions and tips are my own!

Beach Must Haves

12 Beach Must Haves

Who doesn’t love going to the beach?  If you have one close by that isn’t super crowded, the beach is the ultimate way to get a day of sunshine and relaxing in while the kids play in the sand and swim.  If you’re lucky, you may even get in some time to read 🙂

If the beach is on your TO-DO list this summer, I thought I would make it a bit easier on your by typing up a list of beach day essentials that should come along for your day of fun!

Things to bring to the beach

12 Beach Must Haves:

Beach Bag

Seems obvious, but make sure it’s a good one.  I recommend one with various pockets so you can find your keys and phone when you need them without having to dump out the whole bag.  I am using the Family Beach Bag one pictured above this year…and for many years to come!  It has all the features I want and use.

What to bring to the beach


My daughter loves her Seahorse Swimsuit set, my men are wearing DEL SOL Board shorts, and I am loving UjENA Swimwear this season. UjENA Swimwear carries swimsuits that are designed to make you feel sexy and comfortable. I am wearing the Electric Coral above, it’s a fun bright color that I am totally comfortable wearing poolside, beach side, and when playing with the kids. The open back gives me a bit of sexy and a chance to tan my back! Now, I have to work on getting rid of the tan lines from my running shorts 😉 Make sure everyone loves their swimsuits, is comfortable in them, and I do recommend investing in a quality swimsuit, finding one you love that you can wear for more than a season is a great investment.


Just in case you want to dry off when you are done cooling off in the water.

Essentials for a beach visit


You will need something to sit on!


Protecting yourself from harmful UV rays is an absolute must.  And be sure to reapply sunscreen often.

Beach essentials

Protective Clothing/Hat

Clothing that actually protects you from the sun as well is a great idea.  My daughter is very fair skinned, so a shirt that she can swim in and is comfortable for her is a beach must have for us!  A hat to shade your face also helps protects that sensitive skin from the sun.

Best Beach Must Haves


Gotta protect those eyes too 🙂  Don’t forget a pair for you and the kids.


You and the kids are bound to get hungry at some point.  I suggest healthy snacks like Crunch Pak apples, sandwiches, easily portable salads, trail mix, etc.


Gotta stay hydrated.

Best Beach essentials


You need something to put those snacks and water in!


What fun is a day at the beach without a cute pedi and flip flops to show off those toes!


A small portable radio, iPod, or make sure you have Pandora or iHeartRadio on your phone so you can enjoy some tunes if you would like to.

Easy to carry chairs are always nice, but not a must have in my book because they can be bulky and hard to carry.  BUT, if you have one or two and the kids are willing to help carry them – bring some chairs!  Speaking of books, be sure to bring one of those too if you think you will have a few minutes to yourself 😉

I hope you have an amazing time at the beach, especially now that you have these Beach Must Haves!

What are some of your Beach Must Haves?

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45 thoughts on “12 Beach Must Haves

  1. I got burned out going to the beach. We used to go weekly. After awhile, it gets boring. At least for me. Probably because we live an hours drive away.

  2. Great list of must haves. We live within a couple of miles from the beach. I also try to remember some chapstick for dry lips from saltwater, sun and wind. I never thought of a wet bag…I just throw it all in the same bag. lol…

  3. My beach must haves are all on your list, definitely water, sunscreen, towels, and snacks. Thank you for sharing this list of items.

  4. I love all of your great ideas. One of my must-haves is Kites so if the kids are swimming they have a landmark to look for to find us!!

  5. I’ve got a handle on some of these things. I used to bring a wall clock! as I didn’t have a watch or phone or any other gadget. So many things to fit into that giant beach bag!!!

  6. Hat and sunglasses to protect the face with sunscreen is always great to have especially after having skin cancer.

  7. I know it is extra weight – but for me, a chair is essential. I really need to have back support, my days of sitting on the ground/sand to picnic or read are over.

  8. These are all pretty essential items. I’d say my most favorite item is the beach bag…you gotta have something to carry it all in!

  9. great article, there are always a few things I forget as well so this is definitely a reminder as to what I really should bring.

  10. My beach must haves are sunscreen, a blanket and towels. Sometimes I bring a cooler other times I will buy food somewhere around the beach.

  11. Very helpful article and a lot of neat must have for the beach, can’t stress how important water and sunscreen is, and it can make a day wonderful or miserable if you forget it.

  12. The sand away blanket has been on my want list for a while now. Sunscreen is a must but it has to be all natural like Ava Anderson or Badger!!

  13. Awesome ! I enjoyed reading the must have items for an outing at the beach. A lot of ideas I would never think of lol like the mesh bag to get rid of sand and the wet bags! Great ideas. Thank you

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