22 Things To Bring To The Beach | Beach Day Essentials

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(Last Updated On: March 11, 2022)

Headed to the beach for the day? Don’t forget these beach day essentials! I have rounded up 22 things that you need to bring to the beach for the best beach day ever! Check out these Beach Must Haves. While this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.

Beach Must Haves

22 Things To Bring To The Beach | Beach Day Essentials

Living in Florida we have some of the most beautiful beaches in America. There’s nothing quite like the sun shining down, sand in between your toes, and cooling down in the water. But a beautiful day can end up being a really bad one if you head out and you forget the beach must haves!

Best Beach Essentials

I have packed for Beach days on numerous occasions, and I have definitely forgotten a few must haves in the past, and it always ends up with us having to leave early, sunburned, or starving! So I thought today I would share my top things that you have to bring with you in your beach bag! Now, I do usually end up going with kids, but I think this list pertains to you either way!

Beach Day Essentials

So, the next time you are ready to relax in the sun, be sure to have all of these beach day essentials with you.

What to bring to the beach

What To Pack When You Go To The Beach:

  1. Swimsuits – If you aren’t wearing them to the beach, make sure they are in your beach bag!
  2. Beach Bag – I recommend one with various pockets so you can find your keys and phone when you need them without having to dump out the whole bag.
  3. Gallon size ziploc bags or plastic grocery bags – To protect your phones, keys and money from getting sandy and wet. Plus, they are great for putting wet swimsuits in on the way home.
  4. Towels – For laying out or drying off.
  5. Blanket/Sheet – For something to relax on when it’s snack time or time to relax.
  6. Sunscreen – And more sunscreen, and be sure to grab the SUNSCREEN! I always bring spray and face sticks, and don’t forget to reapply!
  7. Protective Clothing/Hat – Swim shirts or always a good idea when your skin needs a break from the sun. My husband won’t go to the beach without his. Hats protect your ears, face and eyes, be sure everyone has one!  Learn more about Sun Safety For Kids.
  8. Sunglasses – Don’t forget a pair for you and the kids.
  9. Shade – If you plan on being there all day, it doesn’t hurt to bring a small umbrella that you can stick in the sand or a beach tent. We actually sat in our beach tent one time when it started to rain and had our lunch until the rain blew over.
  10. Snacks – You and the kids are bound to get hungry at some point. I suggest healthy snacks like Concord Fresh Success freeze dried veggies, apples, sandwiches, trail mix, etc. Don’t forget to cut up your sandwiches, you probably won’t have a knife with you on the beach, plus bite-size is always better as the kids will probably only come in from the water for a quick bite then be off again.  An easily portable salad is a good option too.
  11. Water – Stick a few bottles in the freezer the night before you go to the beach so they stay cold longer. Plus, you can put them in your cooler with snacks and they act as ice packs.
  12. Cooler – You need something to put those snacks and water in!
  13. Radio – A small portable radio or make sure you have Pandora or iHeartRadio on your phone so you can enjoy some tunes if you would like to.
  14. Book or Magazine – Some light reading material to enjoy while you are relaxing.
  15. Chairs – We always bring a few camping chairs with us, they are easy to carry and fold up nicely.
  16. Toys – A few sand toys, a frisbee and maybe a football are always a good idea.  My son loves to bring his kite to the beach.
  17. Something to float on – The kids like to bring their boogie boards, some like to bring floats.
  18. $20 – Just in case.
  19. Something to carry everything in – Wagon or a beach cart. We have a Wonder Wheeler and LOVE it, it holds our chairs, small cooler, toys, and bags.
  20. First Aid Kit – It’s never a bad idea to be prepared. Cuts and scrapes happen.
  21. A jug of water or baby powder to keep in the car – To help get rid of the last of the sandy feet before you get in the car.
  22. Change of clothes – I usually just grab the kids’ pjs! It makes for a dry, sand-free, comfortable ride home.

Beach Safety Tips

A day at the beach can create happy memories for your kids but it can also end in tragedy if you are not careful.

  • Have you ever noticed how hard it is to walk straight forward towards the ocean? The motion of the water seems to pull you in its direction. Imagine your young child doing the same thing and ending up a ways down the beach and out of your sight. It happens every year! One minute they are building a castle and the next they are in the water. Always keep an eye on your child when at the beach.
  • The sun and its heat can also be another danger. You should ensure everyone drinks plenty of fluids. Use sunscreen appropriate for each age and skin type. Wearing hats will help avoid sun stroke and go into the shade or inside where there is air conditioning often to cool off. Sunstroke happens quickly and before you know it, you are sick for the night and maybe the next day. You can even end up in the hospital, depending on its severity.
  • Some beaches also might have rip currents. These are very dangerous especially to young children. They cause many drownings every year. Teach your child not to panic if they get pulled under. Just go with the current and hopefully they will be okay. This is hard because it is your natural reaction to panic when something has a hold of you. A life jacket will certainly help in this situation. If they do get into trouble tell them ahead of time to wave for help.
  • Don’t depend on the lifeguard to watch your child for you.
  • If you are at the beach and you have more than one child, make them stay together. There really is safety in numbers. If one of them gets into trouble, the other one can call for help. Never swim alone and don’t consume alcohol while you are in the water or plan to be. It is a dangerous combination.
  • Always abide by the beach signs. If they say the tides are too strong or there are other dangers posted, stay out of the water. They put up the signs for a reason. Don’t take the warnings lightly.
  • Pack your drinks in plastic containers or bring frozen juice boxes. Do not bring glass on the beach. If it breaks it will end up in someone’s foot. Common sense is really your best defense for ensuring a great day at the beach. 

If you are cautious and pay attention to your surroundings, you will have a great day at the beach. Sign up for some surfing or other lessons with your kids and that will ensure you stay together and enjoy a fun day at the beach!


Ultimate beach packing list

What is one of your beach day essentials?  What is one of your beach must haves?

What to pack in your beach bag

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Beach day must haves

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