Stacked Paper Christmas Tree Craft

(Last Updated On: September 4, 2020)

Christmas Tree Craft on Food Wine Sunshine

Stacked Paper Christmas Tree Craft

We’re continuing along with our 12 Days of Christmas Ideas! Today, Cyn from Creative Cynchronicity is back with a really pretty Stacked Paper Christmas Tree Craft. This is a craft that even I can handle…I think 🙂

Cyn just loves handmade holiday decorations but she often runs out of time leading up to the holidays. Instead of giving up the idea of those homemade touches, she has found some really fun ideas that are quick and easy – like this tree that takes about 15 minutes and under $5 worth of supplies to create. It’s sure to brighten up and add a festive touch to any spot in your home this Christmas season.


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9 thoughts on “Stacked Paper Christmas Tree Craft

  1. This is great! I like the look of any Christmas tree and I’m just not creative enough t come up with an idea like this! I had too go read the whole article because I didn’t see any beads and I was thinking surely you need them for spacers, but I see that’s not neccesary, but I probably wood, I always have beads around.

  2. I love 15 minute crafts that look that great! I now have a great use for my excess Christmas cards! Thank you for sharing!

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