I Love My JEEP

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(Last Updated On: August 28, 2019)

I Love My JEEP

I am a truck girl.  I have owned two cars in my life and both were for a very short period of time.  The week after I graduated college I took my first “real” paycheck and headed straight to the Ford Dealership and bought a 2-door Ford Explorer Sport.  I drove that well after the odometer said 100,000 miles and then I sold it to my brother for $2,000.

I then bought my Ford Expedition…which I still have to this day.  It is almost 10 years old and has over 149,000 miles on it and it still runs great.  I like my trucks 🙂  Almost a year ago my husband decided he wanted a Jeep.  I had NO IDEA how hard it was to find one!  We looked for months and finally found a nice old one that needed some repairs that we could afford.

My husband basically rebuilt it, it took about 9 months and I have to say…I love it.  I love the big tires, I love that it’s loud, I love that I have to wear a hat otherwise my hair will be a mess (I never have the top on!), I love that I can’t talk on the phone when I drive it (it’s too loud!), I love that Jeep Drivers have a little wave that they do when they see each other, I love that when I’m in it I sing at the top of my lungs, I love that it somehow makes me feel free, I love that it’s loud (yes, I know I said that already – but that is one of my favorite parts!), I love that I am far off the ground, I love that it’s FUN!

It is pretty for being old and having over 120,000 miles isn’t it?

I’m a truck girl.  And I love it.   Do you have a vehicle that you just love?  Maybe one that you had a long time ago?  Maybe one that you have always wanted? I know it’s not all that common for girls to say that they love any type of vehicle, but I love my trucks and right now – I am having a lot of FUN in my Jeep.

Now, if you are reading this post and saying…What?  I don’t get it?!  Well, then my response would be “It’s a JEEP thing, you just wouldn’t understand” 😉

p.s. Don’t tell my husband that I said it’s mine…he still thinks it’s his…silly guy 🙂


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  1. My husband has had 3 jeeps in our 23 years of marriage. It is the ONLY vehicle he will drive. This last one is his absolute favorite!!

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