Halloween Milk Jug Pumpkin Craft

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(Last Updated On: September 4, 2019)

This Halloween Milk Jug Pumpkin Craft is an easy way to get the kids involved in decorating for Halloween. This easy craft is fun and the milk jug pumpkins look so cute! Happy Halloween!
Halloween Milk Jug Pumpkins

Halloween Milk Jug Pumpkin Craft

Halloween is just around the corner and I thought you guys would like a fun craft today! We live in FL and pumpkins can actually be pretty expensive…especially since we like to get one for each of us. Not to mention they are a bit messy, I don’t know about at your house…but the removing of the seeds and filling is all the parents job 😉

So, if you are looking to make sure your house extra spooky this Halloween without the extra cost of a bunch of pumpkins or the extra mess, let your kids make these adorable Milk Jug Pumpkins. Start saving your empty jugs now!

Milk Jug Pumpkins

Here is what you need:

  • A clean, empty milk jug
  • Black Sharpie marker
  • Glow Sticks/Bracelets – the thicker ones work better – you can find these at the dollar store or on Amazon 🙂
  • Pumpkin Craving Stencil is optional

What you do:

  • Draw your face on the milk jug
  • Color it in
  • Put the glow stick inside
  • Watch it glow!

Easy Halloween Milk Jug Pumpkins

You can also get these fun flicker bracelets at the Dollar Store….these will add an extra spooky effect to your pumpkins 🙂

Halloween Milk Jug Pumpkins Kids Craft

I hope you and your family have fun making this Halloween Milk Jug Pumpkin Craft!

What are some of your favorite Halloween crafts?

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2 thoughts on “Halloween Milk Jug Pumpkin Craft

  1. Love This. We live in FL also and for us to pay such a high price for a pumpkin that as soon as you carve it goes real bad by 11/1 is such a messy waste.

    1. I totally agree! We like to get big pumpkins and they are usually well over $20! It gets way too costly. My parents live in MI and I am always jealous that theirs are just a few bucks. At least with this craft we can make a bunch 🙂

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