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(Last Updated On: August 28, 2019)

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Who is behind Food Wine Sunshine?
* My name is Tracy and I am a stay at home mom of two wonderful children, Steven and Sadie. I stayed home at the birth of our first born, Steven, throughout the 6 years, our family has seen 4 pay-cuts, loss of health insurance, and the blessing of Sadie! So, couponing and saving is something I have to do to help our family survive. Plus, I truly do have fun saving…And my hope is that you will too!

*If you are new to new to Couponing – visit all my tips for Getting Started with Coupons here*
Here are a few tips to get you started with SAVING!

Create an Email Address for FREE: What is saving money if you are having to pay for an email address to get all the deals? It is a good idea to have a “DEAL” email address to sign up for all of the clubs and programs with. That way all the spam that may be associated with signing up for these things does not bog down your personal account. You can sign up FOR FREE with Yahoo, Gmail, & AOL for an e-mail account.

Start signing up! You can visit all my favorite Fun and Free Perks here.

Get your coupons!
These are my favorite and the post popular places to print coupons on-line:

Take Advantage of your Store Cards & Programs:
CVS- Sign up for your CVS card
Publix- Sign up for The Baby Club, Family Style, Grape Magazine, Greenwise, & The Toddler Program
Rite Aid- Sign up for your Wellness Card
Winn Dixie- Sign up for a Winn Dixie Card & The Baby Club

Connect with Food Wine Sunshine:
Do you know all the ways to connect with Food Wine Sunshine readers online? Below I have listed all of our social media/online resources. If you are not a follower/member/fan/friend you should be! You never know when a surprise gift card giveaway will pop up or when you are going to miss out on a great deal shared on there.

EMAIL: You can sign up for my daily e-mail updates for FREE! That way every night you will get an e-mail filled with all the deals from the day. I update Having Fun Saving 6 – 10 times a DAY.

FACEBOOK: Food Wine Sunshine has a FAN page on Facebook – LIKE us HERE, make sure to visit often.

TWITTER: Do you have Twitter? If so, find Having Fun Saving here on Twitter. This is a great way to know when new blog posts go up. Right away when I post a new deal on the blog they are tweeted through the Having Fun Saving Twitter Feed.

Most of all – HAVE FUN SAVING!


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