7 Tips To Reduce Stress and Let You Relax!

(Last Updated On: August 27, 2019)

Tips to help you relax and handle stress

7 Tips To Reduce Stress and Let You Relax!

Stress.  It is something that we all deal with on a regular basis.  It doesn’t always relate to BIG events.  It can also relate to the fact that your laundry basket is so full that it is now on the floor, the thought that you can’t remember the last time you had the chance to clean the shower, wait, did the kids do their homework?, oops, did you send in the money for the field trip?, it’s 5 PM…did I start dinner?

I love being a mom and being able to work out of the house, but that means my work and home life are constantly combined and being able to separate them is hard!  In fact, it can be downright stressful at times.  I know many of you can relate, so I thought I would share some tips on how I can everyday stressers.  After all, life is meant to be ENJOYED, right?  So, let’s ENJOY it!

7 Tips To Reduce Stress

Eat Right

  • Don’t skip meals and make sure you are giving your body the nutrients it needs


  • I know I always feel free when I get up and work out.  Do a DVD at home, go to the gym, head to Jazzercise, go for a run, run up and down the stairs, just get moving.

Smile More

  • I know you all have heard this one before…but it’s true, when you smile you will feel better!


  • You need sleep in order to function.  When you sleep, your body gets the chance to heal itself from everything you did during the day.  Try for 7 hours!

Tips on how to handle stress and relax

Keep RESCUE® Products Close By

  • I keep Rescue Pastilles in my purse. They are an easy and delicious way to help keep stress away. You know, for those moment when you are pulling into the baseball field and your child tells you that they forgot their shoes?? RESCUE products help take the edge off, so you can regain control during those everyday stressful situations.


  • Ahhhh….this one can be hard, I know.  But do your best to stay ahead of things.  Try to do one load of laundry a day…maybe every other day 😉  Make lunches for the kids the night before so that mornings aren’t chaotic.  Consider meal planning, or preparing freezer-to-crock pot meals so that dinner isn’t always a question.


  • Yes, it’s ok to relax for a moment.  I know sometimes I feel guilty if I actually sit down for a moment and not do ANYTHING.  No phone in hand, no computer on my lap, no laundry folding.   This is also when I like to have my RESCUE Pastilles close by too 🙂

We all have stress, but it’s how you deal with it that matters.  We get stress because we are handling things that are important to us, things that we CARE about.  So, smile, take a deep breathe, grab your RESCUE products so that they are close by and tell yourself “I got this!

Tips to help handle stress and relax

Where can you find RESCUE products?  RESCUE stress relief products are available now at CVS, Walgreens, Whole Foods, Sprouts and wherever you find natural products!  I got mine at Walgreens 🙂  Before you head to the store though, make sure to grab your coupon!

Grab your BOGO RESCUE Products couponup to $13.99 value!

What are some of your tips to help reduce stress?

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7 thoughts on “7 Tips To Reduce Stress and Let You Relax!

  1. I was feeling really stressed tonight so I decided to take a bath and shave my legs. First I had to clean the tunic all the bath toys, and as soon as my 5 year old heard the bath water running she came running in wanting to watch me. And of course the cats wanted to come hang out too. So not the relaxing stress free moment I had imagined. Maybe I will just try the Rescue you are talking about.

    1. I have nights like those too!! Hopefully you will get that relaxing moment soon 🙂 And if you try Rescue Products – be sure to let me know what you think!

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