10 Tips To Get Ready For Spring

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(Last Updated On: March 31, 2021)

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Tips To Get Ready For Spring

10 Tips Help You To Get Ready For Spring

Spring is HERE! Hopefully your weather is started to warm up and you are enjoying the change of seasons. I know I am 🙂 I thought I would share some tips to help you get ready for Spring. It’s time to start enjoying the outside again!

Change Your Outdoor Lights

Make sure to use new energy-efficient bulbs

Get Ready For Spring

Give Your Front Door Some Love

Rinse off the grim and snow from the winter, polish the handles. Might as well make sure the porch doesn’t need any extra attention while you are there 😉

Get Ready For Spring

Plant Some Flowers

This one is always one of my favorite parts of Spring – who doesn’t love some color in their yard?!

Clean Up Your Existing Beds

Cut away the dead branches and freshen up your mulch

Clean Out Your Gutters

Get all the leaves and stuff that got stuck in there over the last few months…April Showers are coming 🙂

Get Ready For Spring


A new Welcome Mat is sure to make you smile, Welcome Spring!

Get Ready For Spring

Get a Pedicure

It’s time to let those toes free! Use fun colors that welcome the beautiful colors of Spring, my daughter and I love Del Sol’s Color Changing Nail Polish. It actually changes color in the sunlight! Del Sol’s nail polish selection contains the brightest and most vivid hues from the earth’s color palette. When you paint your nails with this special nail polish, you can watch the colors change before your eyes as you step out into the warm rays of the sun. You can actually see the green one in my picture above changing to red…so cool!

Get Ready For Spring

Check Your Closet – Any Updates Needed?

Make sure you and your family have swimsuits and cover-ups that fit. Summer isn’t far away! Dust off your sunglasses, or make a plan to buy some. Del Sol carries clothing and accessories! The cover-up, swimsuit, and sunglasses pictured above are all from Del Sol. They also change color in the sun. We love them, it shows us if we need more sun! The sunglasses are mine, the go from a light blue to pink. My two favorite colors 🙂

Get Ready For Spring

Find Your Sandals

Now that your toes are done and your clothes are ready, you need your sandals to show off those toes! May I suggest cool flip flops that change in the sun from Del Sol?? Mine do! The beautiful rhinestones change from white to pink 🙂

Get Ready For Spring

Get Ready to Enjoy The SUNSHINE!

Need I say more?


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7 thoughts on “10 Tips To Get Ready For Spring

  1. I liked your ideas to get ready for spring. I live in Florida, so that color changing polish interested me. Del Sol brand, where can one purchase that. Have a great day!

  2. The flowers are in bloom and look pretty. But, the pollen is making me miserable. I’ve been doing outdoor mowing and cleanup. I wear a mask so I don’t breathe too much in. Still, when I get indoors, my clothing is covered in a green powder. So, spring is not my favorite season.

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