Science-Art Fusion Kits Help Kids Learn & Explore

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(Last Updated On: September 5, 2019)

Science-Art Fusion Kits Help Kids Learn & Explore

Science-Art Fusion Kits Help Kids Learn & Explore

It is hard to believe May is already half over!! Maybe the weather in Michigan can’t figure out if it’s spring or winter, but the calendar says that Summer is coming! And that means Summer break is on its way! As we are winding down our homeschool year, part of me is planning ever-so-slightly for next year. We will be studying space and the solar system- one of my favorite topics, but let’s be honest, I’m thinking more about summer vacation than I am about curriculum. Enter the Space Science-Art Fusion kit from The Young Scientist Club. What a fun kit and how completely relevant!  We are so excited that we got it for review!

Science-Art Fusion Kits Help Kids Learn & Explore

The Science-Art Fusion Kits combines art and science to help inspire creativity while introducing scientific concepts. While giving instructions on how to complete each experiment, there is plenty of room left for each participant’s creativity to show! In particular, the Space Science-Art Fusion Kit includes activities about Isaac Newton’s Law of Gravity, the phases of the moon, centrifugal force, centripetal force, solar system models, constellations, and Newton’s Third Law of Motion. My kids really love using their artistic side to create these models, and no two are alike! We even get to make Play Dough, and that is a hit in my house!
Science-Art Fusion Kits Help Kids Learn & Explore

Included in each kit is a Science-Art Fusion poster with the instructions for each project placed in a framed space. When we are done, we can place a photo over the instructions and we’ll have a Space Art Gallery! What a great way to remember what we have learned without taking up a ton of space! Quite honestly, the Space Science-Art Fusion kit covers many of the concepts we’ll be learning next year, so thanks to the Young Scientists Club, I can feel good about “planning” part of my curriculum for next year and move on to Summer Break!!

Science-Art Fusion Kits Help Kids Learn & Explore

Look for these STEAM themed kits in specialty stores and online at All are for ages 5 and up and are $19.99:

  • Bubbles
  • Crystals
  • Explosions
  • Rainbows
  • Sculptures
  • Space

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