PNC Bank Helps Kids Learn to Save

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(Last Updated On: August 28, 2019)

So do you hear this is in the checkout line, “Can I get this, Mom?” Or how about “I have a $.25, what can I buy?” Well, for every parent who has ever negotiated with a 4-year old begging for a candy bar or new toy, there’s hope – and I know there is a bunch of us out there!  Young children can learn the importance of saving, sharing and spending their nickels.  Yes – they CAN!!

PNC Bank has created the ‘S’ is for Savings℠ Account a fun and free interactive online banking experience designed especially for kids to help introduce them to financial basics! It’s, a new savings account that includes:
– A kid friendly learning center with video, games and savings tips
– A drag and drop feature. Kids can move their money into virtual jars which represent how they want to divide their money.
– Online allowance. Parents can transfer money from their own account using an ‘auto save’ feature.

As you know, learning how to save, share, and spend are some of the most important skills that parents can teach their children. ‘S’ is for Savings℠ can assist parents in helping young children create strong financial habits and can encourage them towards financial independence later on in life.
Learn more about PNC Bank’s FREE ‘S’ is for Savings℠ Account by visiting PNC Bank here and help your little achievers learn to save!  Make sure your child is with you when you visit!!  🙂


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