Light Up Your House, Not Your Electric Bill

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(Last Updated On: September 4, 2020)

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Light up your house not your electric bill

Light Up Your House, Not Your Electric Bill

How many times have your kids left their rooms, the bathroom, or playroom with the light on?  How many times have you left your bedroom and forgot the light was on?   How many times have you walked into the house with your hands full?

Lutron occupancy sensor

Leaving the lights on wastes energy.  Leaving the lights on wastes money.  And I don’t know about you, but there are plenty of other things that I would rather spend my money on than lighting up a room with no one in it.  Buts it’s going to happen right?

Lutron occupancy sensor

We are going to forget to turn the light off, we’re not perfect.  If only there was something out there that could help us from wasting that money.  Something that could almost turn lights on and off for us when we needed them.

Now, it’s my turn to tell you that this magical product DOES EXIST.

Lutron occupancy sensor

The product is Maestro occupancy/vacancy sensors by Lutron Electronics. The DIY sensors automatically turn lights on when you enter a space and off when you leave, making them a convenient way to save energy your home or commercial space.

Lutron occupancy sensor

They’re ideal for rooms where lights are accidentally left on (like almost room in the house 😉 ) or rooms that you often enter with your hands full, such as a laundry room, supply closet, or pantry.


We actually received the Maestro occupancy/vacancy sensors by Lutron Electronics for review and promptly installed it in our pantry.  It took my husband about 15 minutes to get it installed, it was actually very easy.

So easy that my husband of course didn’t bother to look at the directions.  We tested it out and I noticed that the light stayed on longer than I expected.  I will be honest, I was pretty bummed, because the pantry was the perfect location for us.  We leave that light on ALL THE TIME and we are going it in with hands full from grocery shopping pretty regularly.

My husband then took the directions out of the trash, and saw that the amount of time that the light stays on is EASILY adjusted.  So, we turned it down to just 1 minute.  PERFECT.  For those that do read the directions like you are supposed to, the directions are clear and concise 😉


The sensors are the perfect product that turn lights on when you enter a room, stairway or hallway, and off when motion is no longer detected.  You may have a smartphone, but now you can have smart lights!

Lutron Occupancy Sensor

You can pick up Maestro occupancy/vacancy sensors by Lutron Electronics at your favorite home improvement store for about $30.   I know we plan on picking up a few more 🙂

In what rooms would you install the Maestro occupancy/vacancy sensors by Lutron Electronics?

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50 thoughts on “Light Up Your House, Not Your Electric Bill

  1. It seems like Wi-Fi or sensors/radar are very essential now-a-days! This is a good idea – especially if you have little ones running around! I would use it in my kitchen. People are always running in and out of there and don’t care if the lights are on or not! I might even use something like this for a child’s bedroom as a night light. The sensor would not pick them up when they’re in bed. So you can leave the light on & the lights will go off – hopefully when they are asleep!

  2. This is awesome! My husband went around turning lights off not 30 minutes ago! Thanks for a great review. I will certainly be looking into getting theses.

  3. I haven’t heard of these bulbs, but I’m gonna have to look into ’em cause I’m getting my own place soon, and I’ll want to save as much money as possible!

  4. These sound amazing and so much better than regular bulbs. Thank you for the great review and I have added these to my shopping list to try 🙂

  5. I would use them on our front porch. No use having the light on all night unless its absolutely necessary.

  6. That is a great article on saving electricity. My kids always leave the lights on in their rooms at my house. I love the designs of the lights too! Just an all around awesome read.

  7. This sounds perfect for people who have kids or like it says in rooms you often go in or out with your hands full.

  8. thanks so muh for the information. i love this article because it has so much useful info and i learned alot about lights alot of god stuff

  9. I love it! I have two rooms my grandchildren are always leaving the lights on and it drives me nuts, the bathroom and the laundry room. These would be perfect for those rooms. I will be telling my husband about these….

  10. I love the sensors!! Our electricity bill is insane and I would love this!! I love the bulbs too…they last much longer than regular bulbs!

  11. I love the idea of saving on my electric bill. My grandkids are always leaving lights on. Thank you for sharing

  12. These sound so awesome, I would use these in several rooms in my house. Mainly in my kitchen because that’s the one room that the lights always get left on.

  13. wow i so like the lights in the pictures, holy cow im in love,lol. My husband agrees that they are the coolest i have seen. lol, i dont get out much. My husband is always yelling at me about the lights being left on. we are going light shopping soon. thanks for sharing

  14. Now we are talking .I love these lights.. Most do not know the savings i have found through the yrs. so here goes. If your on what your state calls ;;PIP or Heap or receive any help for your electric bill, contact them as they replace once a yr all bulbs in your home ,check refrig and it dont measure right you get a new one!! yep ..So much you can find on whitehouse .gov. at bottom an under the issue your looking for .Save yourself as its yours anyway .and you have every right to it Education,health ,housing .. Start saving bunches .. thank you for sharing and if i am wrong as letting folks know this .. i apologize and just delete

  15. Sorry if you live in an area where they rip you off . It helps very little to put in any of these?! I am the only person here,use very little HYDRO,and still have to pay out the rear for it.Others in this complex run everything 24/7 and have no bill?Very unfair!

  16. I would install the sensors in my son’s room and in the hallway. That would definitely save los of money.

  17. I like that they automatically turn the lights on when you walk into a room and turn them off when you leave. (I wonder if pets moving around would cause them to go on and off?

  18. I love the DIY sensors automatically turn lights on when you enter a space and off when you leave, making them a convenient way to save energy your home or commercial space.

  19. I would love this product. I go down in the basement or up in the attic and am constantly forgetting to turn the light off. My neighbors that I am friends with tease me that the man was in the attic again last night because I left the attic light on all night or the man was in the basement because I forgot to turn the light off down there after doing laundry. This would be wonderful.

  20. How neat that the times are adjustable and Ilike you do not want them on when no one is in the room, I like that it only took your hubby about 15 minutes to install, guess what even when you kids get grown and leave home, husband still forgets to turn off or grandchildren so this would be wonderful

  21. My house definitely needs this! I think the bathroom, laundry room and kitchen are areas where the light is left on all the time. Definitely want to save on the light bill, so a product like this would eventually pay for itself.

  22. The bathroom would be perfect for us as our youngest always yells for us to turn the light on. and also for midnight pees ! Would love to win

  23. I love that the DIY sensors automatically turn lights on when you enter a space and off when you leave, I am constantly having to go behind my kids and turn off the lights. This would make my life less stressful.

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