Greek Pasta Salad Recipe

(Last Updated On: April 2, 2020)

Greek Pasta Salad Recipe featured on Food Wine Sunshine

Greek Pasta Salad Recipe

Every good BBQ and Picnic has a cold pasta salad, and there are so many different varieties out there. Today, we have a delicious recipe for a Greek Pasta salad. I love the flavor of a Greek Salad, so this is a lighter version of a Greek Salad. It’s nicely coated in a dressing and it’s full of flavor with cucumbers, tomatoes, feta cheese, and more.

Visit Janell at for this easy to make Greek Pasta Salad. I love that you can prepare it in about 20 minutes!

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5 thoughts on “Greek Pasta Salad Recipe

  1. Love the bowtie pasta in this Greek Pasta Salad dish! Pinning this recipe so I can make it when the family BBQ this summer. Thanks for a gorgeous addition to our summer fun!

  2. I eat a lot of salads, especially in warm weather. I like all the ingredients in this recipe. I also take salads to dinners with friends or family picnics.

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