Gabby Reece’s Tips For Getting Ready For Summer

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Gabby Reece’s Tips For Getting Ready For Summer

Are you ready for the sunshine?  Warmer weather?  Bathing suit season?  I know that makes some (including me!) cringe, so I am excited to share some tips from fitness expert Gabby Reece today!

According to a recent survey by Balance Bar, 43% of Americans feel most balanced during the summer! Makes sense to me – sunshine always helps me feel more balanced 🙂  As we’re approaching June 21st, it’s the perfect time to get outside, enjoy the beautiful weather and start feeling more balanced.

Here are some of Gabby Reece’s tips for smart eating and staying active that help her feel more balanced. Let’s all try some of them at home to feel good inside and out as we get ready for summer!

Make it your own

There is not one right way to get it done. There is the right way that works for you. When it comes to eating healthy, find the foods you like and implement those into your daily diet. The same goes for exercise. If you hate the gym then find something outside that is manageable for you. This is not about torture; this is about creating a lifestyle that you can do week after week.

Watch the calendar

Use summer for motivation to shape up but don’t wait for June 21st. If you wait until summer actually starts, you’ll feel rushed and end up crash dieting or doing a crazy workout schedule. I personally like to keep a calendar in my kitchen and cross off the days as I countdown to bikini weather. The visual reminder – right where you eat – is helpful in keeping you on track.

Sign up a friend

We tend to be more successful at accomplishing some type of exercise if we have an accountability partner. Solicit a friend and maybe use this as your time to connect. You can train for a 5k together or join an outdoor boot camp; there are a lot more options now that the weather is improving.

Plan to snack

Take snacks (like fruit, nuts or a Balance Bar®) wherever you go to prevent mindless eating. If I have an afternoon or early evening workout planned, I make sure to have one of these handy an hour or so before so that I have plenty of energy to get in a good workout.

Variety is key

Make as many meals as you can at home so you can control your nutrition. These are some of Gabby’s favorite recipes, fresh and full of veggies for springtime! To keep things interesting and fresh at my house, I try to rotate foods. One night I may go for something heavier with veggies and grains, and then the next night focus on proteins. I really try to change up the food and create a great deal of variety.

Each day is a new chance and it’s never too late

If you fall out of your summer shape up routine one day, don’t sweat it. Forgive yourself and move on – and just keep moving!

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What are some of your tips for getting in shape and staying balanced?

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19 thoughts on “Gabby Reece’s Tips For Getting Ready For Summer

  1. I am so not ready for summer, not the heat and not the swimsuit season! I love doing raw milk fasts to help my body feel happy after a long winter of overeating comfort foods, it’s not for everyone but I love it!

  2. My favorite tip is Make it your own – I need to find ways to exercise to make it enjoyable to do daily.

  3. Be in calorie counting, or knowing just what you are consuming, the tip of making as much of your food at home is the smart thing to do.

  4. Definitely my favorite tip: “Each day is a new chance and it’s never too late
    If you fall out of your summer shape up routine one day, don’t sweat it. Forgive yourself and move on – and just keep moving!”

    I am hard on myself but have had a sluggish year and need uplifting! 🙂 I am tough on myself too. But summer is NOT my favorite time of year. My body does not do well in the heat and sun and even late spring weather can make my sickness flare up. But taking each day one at a time and forgiving myself will be important. Thanks!!!

  5. Love the tips! My favorite tip is ‘Variety is key’ because that is so true! Eating the same old foods healthy or not day in and day out gets pretty boring 🙂

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