Frugal Family Fun – One Last Attempt On Summer Fun!

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(Last Updated On: September 4, 2019)

Did you know that the best time to buy summer toys and clothes was AFTER summer?  Yep. That’s when stores clearance out the seasonal stuff to make room for the new line that’s coming in.  Well, I was cruising around looking at the clearance section when I got a great idea for this week’s Family Frugal Fun!

So, just because the summer is coming to a close – how about a fun summer blow-out?  Now, each week I do my best to keep us under $25 and some week’s the cost has been just about nothing, so hopefully you saved up some of that Frugal Family Fun budget for this!

It is the Cuisinart ICE-21 Frozen Yogurt-Ice Cream & Sorbet Maker and it’s on clearance for just $49!  Marked down from $90, it has over 250 reviews and it has a 4 1/4 star rating!  So, not only are kids toys on clearance this time of year – goodies for us are too!  And it ships FREE with Amazon prime!
Here are a few of the features:

  • New mixing paddle makes frozen desserts and drinks in 20 minutes
  • Large capacity makes up to 1 1/2 quarts
  • Double insulated freezer bowl eliminates the need for ice
  • Easy lock transparent lid with large spout makes adding ingredients simple and mess free
  • Fully automatic with large ingredient spout for adding ingredients
  • So, this week enjoy the last of your summer days (or the memory of your summer days!) with a cool treat – you and the kids can work together to make something fun and special in the kitchen.  Doesn’t everything taste better when it’s homemade??

    I know the last couple week’s our Frugal Adventures have kept us at home, so next week I think we will venture out of the house.  But, I thought this was a great way to show you that there are ways to get the things you want, you just have to wait for that sale and the right time…And NOW is the great time to see if there is any summer items left, and if there are – they all should be GREATLY reduced in price…

    Enjoy your ice cream ;) winking

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