DIY Edible Easter Vase #12DaysOf

Easter Vase

DIY Edible Easter Vase #12DaysOf

Looking for an adorable Easter decor idea?  Well, this DIY vase is it!  And it is actually the LAST Day of our 12 Days of Easter Recipes and Crafts!

Mom Does Reviews made this Edible Easter Vase and you can make one too!  This project is not only easy, but edible and delicious! You can customize it with your favorite candies, favorite colors and favorite Silk Flowers or other items.  Check out how she made this DIY Easter Vase.

Be sure you haven’t missed any of these fun recipes and crafts.  You will find all 12 Days of Easter Recipes and Crafts below!  Have a Happy Easter!

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4 thoughts on “DIY Edible Easter Vase #12DaysOf

  1. great idea and those mallow peeps are everywhere…people are making smores with them..or floating them on hot chocolate…or on top of a brownie all done up

    never seen a vase filled with treats..good post

  2. This is so cute. I love how bright it is and if you have a vase already then this is cheaper than buying already made centerpieces too!

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